Why Advertisements on RedState?

When you come to RedState, you aren’t charged. The Morning Briefing is free. You want a RedState account?  You got one. You want to comment? Okay. We’re free.

Like listening to the radio, you don’t have to pay. We make our money off of ads. It’s simple.

We put ads in the Morning Briefing and here at RedState.com. People actually pay us to do that. Nonetheless, we hope you might check them out and click through so we can keep helping you.

We at RedState pull no punches here and that sometimes costs us advertisers. The reality is that we don’t believe in compromising our principles or integrity and, because of that, we do not get all the ads other sites may get. We value both our readers and our advertisers and forge a symbiotic relationship.

It’s the way the web works. It keeps our lights on and keeps you from having to actually pay to read or write at RedState. So, check out the ads and remember they are there to help us help you. And, if you feel like it, you can cough up your own coins for the cause.


Web Advertising: We use a CPM basis for advertising at RedState.com.  In other words, you do not pay a flat fee for an ad. Instead, you pay based on the number of eyeballs you want to see your ad.

We have standard ad units available, or you can get with the Eagle Publishing team to produce custom advertising options.

Morning Briefing Sponsorships & List Rental: We offer RedState Morning Briefing bundles that consist of a) sponsorship of the Morning Briefing (sent weekdays before 5am) and b) client-scripted emails to RedState opt-in subscribers.

It is important to note that we don’t let just anyone sponsor the RedState Morning Briefing or rent the email list. If you are not presently fighting the good fight on behalf of conservatism, we probably will decline your offer.  But, if you are fighting the good fight, you can prepare HTML coded text and we’ll get your word out.

For all advertising inquiries, please contact:

Paul Plawin

[email protected]