Breaking news in the area of anatomy, everyone: some men have female penises.

Just when you thought we’d mastered the itemized listing of human body parts, a new appendage arrives. All hail the discovery of totally-fem balls.

According to scientific expert — and, brace yourself: television actor — Indya Moore, men who identify as women have veiny pelvic pendulums that are actually “biologically female.”

Moore himself is a man presenting as woman. Here’s his Sunday tweet:

“If a woman has a penis, her penis is a biologically female penis.”

And that’s where we are.

Before you break out all science books for the update, make no mistake: it goes the other way, too. Fair is fair:

Indya went on to explain himself, thanks to a Twitter follower who loves the fact that the actor says “super smart things”:


Kimmydeeyo wants to make sure she “[uses] the right language.” When I was growing up, people just used the language that made sense to them. But the woke among us are asleep at the will: They know that these days, ya gotta say the words other people tell you to.

Moving on: If you were wondering whether men identifying as women are biologically female — surgeons, take note — the answer is Yes:

The Pose star dropped the ball in the area of science. I mean, dropped some science:

As reported by Pink News, Indya also posted this confusing bit of info:

“Reproductive parts and chromosomes define the biology of your gender, not your gender. … Regardless [of] the biological makeup of the trans woman — she remains a woman with her biology, therefore defining her as a biological woman.”

Back to his original “if a woman has a penis” statement, some Twitter followers — including, apparently, a cat from Mars — declined to agree:

If, like the above tweeters, you don’t get it, then you’re part of the problematic cisociety.

And you’re making it hard for people to have healthy relationships with their bodies:

But don’t worry — Indya’s praying for you:

Bonus Indya quote (found in the video below): “Gender is a construct, but so is race.”



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