Seriously? A New Documentary Makes a Stunning Claim About Obama's Branding of Trump

President Barack Obama hugs Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after addressing the delegates during the third day session of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Wednesday, July 27, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)



Donald Trump, fascist?


That’s the long and short of it, as indicated in a four-part documentary that premiered at Sundance this weekend.

So reports The Atlantic.

Allegedly from a former POTUS, for Pete’s sake.

In the film, entitled — trigger warning — Hillary — Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine claims Obama called Trump a fascist while on the phone with Tim.

It was purportedly how Barack assured Tim he was on Team Hillary during the race to 2016 victory/defeat.

Here’s the quote from Kaine, as per the outlet:

“President Obama called me last night and said, ‘Tim, this is no time to be a purist. You’ve got to keep a fascist out of the White House.’”

Hillary high-fives:

“I echo that sentiment.”

She sure does.


Ya’ Can Never Own ‘em Enough

The former First Lady let it reverberate a whole lot more in an interview with The Atlantic:

“If you look at the definition [of fascist], which I’ve had the occasion to read several times,” Clinton said, “I think we can agree on several things: One, he has authoritarian tendencies and he admires authoritarian leaders, [Vladimir] Putin being his favorite. He uses a form of really virulent nationalism. He identifies targets: immigrants, blacks, browns, gays, women, whoever the target of the day or week is … I think you see a lot of the characteristics of what we think of [as] nationalistic, fascistic kinds of tendencies and behaviors.”

That’s enough targets to keep a guy busy around the clock; no wonder he doesn’t sleep much.

Back to the series, Hil was concerned about the shady billionaire:

In the documentary footage, Clinton also notes that she is “scared” and suspicious of what Trump is up to. “His agenda is other people’s agenda,” she says. “We’re scratching hard, trying to figure it out. He is the vehicle, the vessel for all these other people.”

Is she suggesting that Trump’s a slave to his donors? Is he not the least beholden to bankrollers of any president in history? He’s certainly the wealthiest.

Prison and Russia get honorable mentions:

“[Paul] Manafort, all these weird connections,” Kaine replies, referring to Trump’s former campaign chair, who is now in prison after being convicted of financial crimes related to his international business dealings.

“[Michael] Flynn, who is a paid tool for Russian television,” Clinton continues, referring to Trump’s onetime national security adviser and former campaign surrogate. “The way that Putin has taken over the political apparatus …” she starts to say. Then, a voice off camera interrupts her.

They make a good anti-Trump pair, Hillary and Tim.

Here’s what T had to say in a November podcast:

“We have a weird state seal in Virginia. It’s a victorious woman standing atop a deposed tyrant,” Kaine told me. “We hate tyrants—our state was born out of opposition to tyranny. We still hate tyrants. We can see them coming a mile off, and we reject them. And that’s one of the reasons that Trump is so unpopular in Virginia, is that we’ve seen narcissistic, anti-science, bigoted bullies too often in our past, and we’ve decided to put away the childish things. We want something different.”

Ahhh, got it — he’s one of those tyrant haters. 




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