Lindsey Graham Crashes All Over the Bidens' Ukraine Shadiness: There's a 'Tsunami' of Evidence. Why the Lack of Interest?

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., an ally of President Donald Trump, leaves the Senate after voting to confirm William Barr to be attorney general, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)<.em>



On Monday, proverbial tidal wave Lindsey Graham insisted there was a ton to worry about with regard to the Bidens’ business in Ukraine — it’s got “Shady” written all over it.

Fiery Lindsey took to Twitter to defend the President’s previous concern.

A few words to describe the evidence against Joe/Hunter: “compelling” and “damning.”

In fact, says the senator, the sea of substantiation is a veritable tsunami.

Take it away, Linds:

“It would have been wrong for President Trump to have NOT been worried about the Bidens’ business dealings in Ukraine after the information we heard this afternoon from the President’s defense team. Compelling, damning presentations that the Bidens have not been investigated and the allegations against them have not been debunked. They most definitely should not be swept under the rug.”

Bottom line, as for Trump’s alleged wrongdoing:

“If one can find a scintilla of evidence about Biden corruption in Ukraine, the House case falls apart.”

And, finally:

“Today we have heard a tsunami.”

That’s a mess of evidence.

Lindsey likes Joe — he’s called him “one of the finest men” he knows.

Still, last Thursday, the South Carolina firebrand had a good question:

How did Hunter Biden get rich?

He laid it out for reporters:

“As to the Bidens, I can promise you no one has looked at whether or not there was a conflict of interest, and no one has taken the time to explain how Hunter Biden got rich in the Ukraine and his father didn’t know anything about it. As much as I like Joe Biden, if it were Lindsey Graham or Mike Pence or Donald Trump, you would be looking.”

It’s a buncha bull, and he won’t stand for it:

“I love Joe Biden, but I can tell you I am not going to sit on the sidelines and just watch the Trumps be looked at.”

How could he, with the tsunami and all.

Conspicuously, I don’t think the Democrats are nearly as interested in that series of suspicious waves. Same seems to go for the media.

I wonder why.



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