MSNBC's Joltin' Joe: Katy Tur Pulls the Switch on Biden and Smokes Him Over Urine-Level Performance in Iowa

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a Democratic presidential primary debate Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)



I thought the media are supposed to be sidin’ with Biden?

As for grading one Katy Tur, candidate Joe must think her reporting deserves a red-marked D — to be added to the end of her last name.

The MSNBC anchor let viewers know Monday that Joe’s events in Iowa are stinkin’ it up attendancewise, and it’s not a good sign for the former VP.

Some of the Dem candidates are stuck in Washington for impeachment duties, but not him. And not Mayor Pete.

Katy basically asked, “What’s Joe’s problem?”

Here she goes:

“Biden and Buttigieg have basically had this state to themselves, along with Yang and a couple others. Why is Buttigieg starting to surge and Biden not surging? What is going on with his support?”

Other 2020 hopefuls are playing to packed houses (sometimes).

But while they’re gettin’ it together, he’s a sloppy Joe:

“Over the weekend Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg all got over a thousand people at rallies, Biden got a couple hundred. What does that mean for his support going forward?”

Even Amy Klobuchar — who’s not exactly a shoo-in for the Oval Office — has got a spark or two lightin’ the joint up:

“You can hear the excitement from the crowds from Warren, from Sanders, from Klobuchar, and from Buttigieg. And then you hear Biden’s crowd, and it’s just him. It’s just his voice.”

She’s saying his campaign trekkin’ is p-ss poor — Biden is his own crowd.

At least he can’t get in trouble for kissing himself.

Meanwhile, that great travesty of cosmic justice — Donald John Trump — is thrivin’ like gangbusters. What’s the other side gonna do?

Katy doesn’t know:

“As these candidates are getting a couple hundred, sometimes a thousand people, [Trump] is gonna fly in here, and if past is precedent, get 5,000, 10,000 people here in Des Moines. What does that say about the Democrats’ chances in November when Donald Trump is drawing crowds that are that big and the Democrats are not?”

I know what it means: 2020-2024 is gonna be full of this:



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