Lindsey Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., pauses while speaking to members of the media outside the West Wing of the White House in Washington, after his meeting with President Donald Trump, Sunday, Dec. 30, 2018. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)



On Sunday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham ran down a list of witnesses to be called for hearings related to the Ukraine/Hunter Biden situation.

Via the interview on FNC’s Sunday Morning Futures, Lindsey had a message for Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Jim Risch:

“Jim, if you’re watching the show — I hope you are — we need to call the chief of staff to John Kerry, who was told about the conflict of interest with Hunter Biden being on Burisma’s board early on.”

Hunter got the gig just after his dad became the main liaison to the country.


In 2016 as VP, did Joe get Ukraine to stop the investigation into Burisma?

Did Trump pull the ol’ status quo gag over opening an investigation into the Bidens?

Questions, questions, questions.

For answers, Lindsey’d like to hear from former Hunter Biden business partner and John Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz.

According to State Department emails, Christopher reached out to officials in 2014 to send red flags up the pole over Hunter and Burisma.

Another guy on the list: George Kent, who explained during the impeachment hearings that he also shot a flare over Burisma in 2016.

So what’s the long and short of it?

As per Lindsey, after the first round of witnesses, the GOP will “eventually get to Hunter Biden.”

And as for proving that the Hunter situation turned Joe’s capacity for 86’ing corruption on its ear, Lindsey assured that he can prove it “beyond any doubt.”

Bottom line:

“We’re not going to give him a pass on that.”

For your pleasure, here are a few more names:

“When it comes to FISA, I’m going to call Rosenstein, Sally Yates, McCabe and Comey to find out how a warrant was issued to Carter Page on four different occasions without adequate foundation and find out about how the Department of Justice and FBI became so out of bounds when it came to Trump.”

Sounds like a fun time’ll be had by all.

In my view, the Democrats really shot themselves in the foot with this one. There was no way impeachment was going to have detrimental impact on Trump — he’s the Teflon Don(ald). And it was all done at the expense of the guy poised to be the Dems’ greatest 2020 Big Cheese — former Obama man Joe.

In essence, they really stunk up the joint.

Sounds like Lindsey wants to shove the stench up the nose of the DNC.

They might wanna invest in a clothespin.



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