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The pay-attention-to-me gang is finding it hard to get anyone to watch them jump off the diving board.

While reveling in the flailings of others might be deemed socially distasteful there is an inability to feel anything but mirthful satisfaction in watching the pomposity of the Never Trump contingent be rendered irrelevant before our eyes. These are people who have spent the past years condemning anyone not following their lead; more than political disagreement, if you did not adhere to their strict dictates of proper thought you were branded any number of labels by these high-minded thinkers.

When Bill Kristol, and the others of his ilk speak of anyone on the right not in their cloistered club it is only at the level of insults. Look at former GOP operative Rick Wilson, who has endeared himself to the likes of CNN by going on the air and insulting Trump voters as hordes of ignorant rubes. This is why seeing them struggling lately to get anything approaching approval with the Democrats is more than amusing.

The names from this clan who have vowed to battle Trump by voting for the other party are now finding life becoming lonely. It turns out the group that claims to be preserving conservatism by siding with statist open-border high-tax abortionists is having trouble now that Bernie Sanders is leading the party ticket, and they are running into another challenge with their new club — the members do not want them.

As Bill Kristol recently declared that ‘’We are all Democrats now,’’ he is finding out that it has come to mean he is siding with an avowed socialist. Even for an opportunist with no foundation like Kristol, this has become a challenge. This past week he became embroiled in a Twitter spat with Sanders, as Kristol was pleading for the Democrats to back a more centrist candidate. Kristol is desperate, of course, to find anyone who can take down his Orange Man effigy, and here is where the real amusement comes into play — His own anti-Trump outlet, The Bulwark, has recently declared Sanders to be better than Trump!

To go along with that dose of inconvenient punditry Kristol is being resisted by Democrats who are resentful of a known GOP player dictating how they should run their party. Also running into this problem is Washington Post token ‘’conservative’’ Jennifer Rubin. The woman who never fails to demean current conservatives is also grappling with the Bernie Sanders issue. She too has become disheartened to find she has taken sides with a group that is hitting the accelerator towards Socialism, and her calls for some common sense from the Democrats yesterday were soundly beaten back by many.

Rubin was told by many Democrats her views were not needed, and she was also absorbing criticisms from those on the right as well, telling her to enjoy her time with the new team she selected.

Max Boot is another who has been straining to be taken seriously. Last week he sent out a desperate plea for the Democrats to do the right thing and choose a moderate candidate, over Bernie Sanders. He too was greeted with a flood of blue-check opposition, telling him that he was not a needed voice in their selection process. The precious part was in the headline of his piece Boot says ‘’Sanders is a risk WE can’t run at this moment…’’ He was basically insinuating himself into the Democrat clubhouse, but the members were not the least bit interested in admitting him.

Steve Schmidt is another regular fixture on MSNBC and trotted out as a Republican who opposes Trump — this despite his very light resume of doing any type of conservative work in the past few years. Schmidt has also run into the reality that he has wandered into the socialist campground, and his words of concern over a Bernie Sanders candidacy means few are allowing him to pitch his tent. Eddie Glaude Jr. on MSNBC basically neutered Schmidt by saying that if he cannot back Sanders then all of his bleating over Trump is meaningless.

Even Rick Wilson has acknowledged that Sanders is a likely disaster for the Democrats.

This is what happens when you make all of your calls in a reactionary fashion. These names have all loudly made their ‘’take my ball and go home’’ political decision, but now they are faced with a true paradox; no home and no field to play ball any longer. They expected to be warmly embraced by Democrats as the political turncoats, except their decision was not so simple. They are now ALSO Never-Bernie cranks, by default, and the Democrats are not at all impressed.

The NT crowd has marched into Democrat circles with all of their pomposity on display, sounding like that new-hire in the office who claims to know how to run the company better than those who have been there for years. Now they have alienated their original party, repulsed the members of their new party alliance, claimed to be ‘’true conservatives’’ while attaching themselves to a movement trending to Socialism, and are becoming unwelcome anywhere they turn.

The only people seemingly impressed with Never Trumpers are their fellow Never Trumpers. Since this group has been incapable of swaying minds and coming up with alternative candidates to challenge their claimed threat to the nation they are left with little more than Saturday Game Night with each other, comforting themselves with tales of how nobody appreciates their deep wisdom. Their covered dish Scattergories parties are going to be the stuff of legend.

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