The black community were almost positive that things would get better under President Obama, seeing as how he himself was black, and thus sympathetic and understanding to their plight.

But oh, how wrong they are. We live in country now divided by racial lines so bold you could see them from space. Movements have arisen that further seek to drive a certain victimhood mentality, pointing to others for their problems, such as white privilege or police. But as we’ve discovered before, that’s not really the case.

The primary issue for the black community rests within the black community itself. Sadly, this can be seen very clearly by how many black people are killed by other black people. As the Washington Examiner reports, the FBI data shows that there has been a sharp uptick in black on black murder since Obama has been elected.

With the latest figures, it is clear that the disproportionate victimization of blacks has recently become sharply worse. It stands at its highest point for at least the last 20 years, having deteriorated dramatically over the last eight years. As the graphic above this editorial shows, the gap between black and white has been getting worse and worse ever since President Obama was sworn into office in 2009.


The numbers are nothing short of tragic.

The data suggest that even as whites enjoy the benefits of improved public safety from the last two decades, blacks cannot do so in anything like the same way. In 2015, there was an overall 13 percent uptick in the murder tally compared to 2014, all of it concentrated in cities and neighborhoods where large numbers of black people live. Murder rose by more than 50 percent in Washington, D.C., and by 63 percent in Baltimore, which alone account for about 15 percent of the national increase.

Black victims accounted for nearly two-thirds of the year-over-year increase, which translates to 944 additional black people murdered out of just under 1,500 additional victims nationwide. More than half of this increase (about 811 additional murders) came just from among blacks aged 17 to 39.

If black lives truly matter, then the black community should definitely heed these numbers and focus on the real problems causing this cycle of violence, apathy, and hatred. It’s sad to thing that there are so many lives being wasted with senseless violence that no one pays attention to either due to narrative upkeep, or fear that they would be considered racist for pointing it out.

As far as I’m concerned, the narrative isn’t worth this, and being labeled as a racist for speaking the truth is a far better idea than staying quiet and letting people die.