The Backstab Effect

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., gestures during the CNN Democratic Presidential Primary Debate with Hillary Clinton at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Thursday, April 14, 2016 in New York. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Bernie Sanders isn’t going to win the Democratic nomination for president. He never was.

We know that because we watched as CNN clearly sided with Sen. Elizabeth Warren the entire night of the last Democratic debate. Not only did they give her the most speaking time at 18.8 minutes…

They proceeded to record and release Warren’s moment of confronting Sanders during a break, making him look weak and cowardly compared to the woman whom Sanders supposedly said can’t win. Not to defend Sanders, but there’s still no proof that Sanders even said that two years prior to Warren just now making that claim now, but the narrative is so widespread that it’s just taken as fact.

I think it’s a bit strange that this narrative is suddenly coming out along with the claws of Democratic candidates at the primary’s crunch time, and with Warren looking desperately for a way to stop her backslide in the polls, but I digress.

If there’s one thing we do know, it’s that CNN doesn’t operate with any kind of political autonomy. It works with the DNC in terms of generating narratives and message carrying. We saw them do it before with Donna Brazile handing Hillary Clinton questions before a debate.

We also have this April email 28 sent from DNC research director Lauren Dillon asking her staff for questions to ask Sen. Ted Cruz on behalf of CNN.

The Backstab Effect

That was only the second time that happened. The first was on the 25th when she was asking her staff for questions to ask Trump on behalf of Wolf Blitzer.

The Backstab Effect

It’s my belief, and probably yours, that the DNC would not have carried out this strike on Sanders unless it had gotten a nod from the powers that be in the Democratic party.

If that wasn’t interesting enough, then hold on to your thinking caps.

The Democrat party is mid-backstab on Bernie. It’s currently plunging the knife in, and it’s doing so only four years after it did that very same thing during the 2016 elections. Maybe the DNC has the memory of a goldfish, but I don’t. I remember the fallout that occurred afterward. People refused to vote for Clinton thanks to the DNC actively turning on Sanders and even making his supporters out to be violent.

Side note: It turns out many of them are — (WATCH: Brandon Morse On Tipping Point: The Violent Bernie Staffer Isn’t Just a Solo Act)

The DNC tried to stop the bleeding by issuing an apology for the way it treated Sanders, but as I said at the time, it wouldn’t matter. Bernie bros are a dedicated bunch and they weren’t about to forgive and they sure hell weren’t going to forget.

And here they are, twice disrespected as they watch the DNC pull a 2016 again in 2020.

Here’s where it gets juicy.

According to NPR, one in ten Sanders voters who voted for him in the 2016 Democratic primary ended up voting for Trump in the general election:

Fully 12 percent of people who voted for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries voted for President Trump in the general election. That is according to the data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study — a massive election survey of around 50,000 people. (For perspective, a run-of-the-mill survey measuring Trump’s job approval right now has a sample of 800 to 1,500.)

NPR tries to make it seem like they voted for Sanders because of some ideological similarities in certain cases, but Twitter, the comment sections of Reddit, and various other message boards told a different story. At the time, many were jumping the sinking Democrat ship to head off to different parties, specifically the Libertarian Party.

If Democrats are willing to repeat history then history will repeat itself too. Sanders will be betrayed by the DNC, Sanders voters will relocate to other parties, and Trump will find himself all the more powerful going into 2020.

Folks, I present to you, the backstab effect.

For more info on how the DNC is going to lose handily in 2020, enjoy my VIP only video explaining why.

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