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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump acknowledges photographers after speaking at a campaign rally in Baton Rouge, La., Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

I’m so tired of Donald Trump and all of his un-presidential crybaby complaints, insults and vulgarities. For crying out loud, the Donald continues to go on and on complaining about Sen. Ted Cruz being born in Canada and claiming, most think incorrectly, that Cruz is not eligible to be president. Trump brought it up yet again Friday night in an effort to make it an issue in Saturday night’s debate:

It’s time for Trump to put up or shut up. If Trump truly believes that nonsense why doesn’t he stop crying about it and just file the lawsuit he keeps threatening. The answer is obvious. When that ever happens, if  the Donald were to actually follow through on his threats, Trump would no longer have one of his favorite talking points. Instead of a silly and often repeated Trump talking point there would be a legal action that could actually resolve the Donald’s alleged concern.

Come on Trump. File the lawsuit and get the issue resolved or shut up about it and debate serious issues in a civil manner. It’s not like you can’t afford the litigation. We need a lot less Trump Twitter talk — complaints, insults and vulgarities, and at least a little action.