The Sen. Ted Cruz supporting Trusted Leadership Super PAC takes John “the Spoiler” Kasich to task for working with President Obama to expand Medicaid under ObamaCare with a new ad called “Kasich BFF.” Watch the ad:

Ad Transcript:

Image: Barack Obama Owes John Kasich for Expanding ObamaCare.

Laura Ingraham: The president heaped praise on the Republican governor.

Obama: I got to your governor a little bit of credit. John Kasich along with a lot of state legislators who are here today they expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

Laura Ingraham: BFF of  Barack Obama, the governor the Buckeye State, John Kasich.

The president cited Medicaid expansion, Governor Kasich, as his big success story thus far and Obamacare.

Image: John Kasich and Barack Obama Expanding ObamaCare. Wrong for Wisconsin.

The ad will air across television stations in Wisconsin ahead of its primary on April 5 as part of a $500,000 buy

Kasich, despite significant opposition in his state, worked to expand ObamaCare, while Cruz fought in the Senate to dismantle ObamaCare and promises to repeal every word as president.