Adam Kinzinger’s Road To The Senate Goes Through Syria

    Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger has done some things in the last few days that has cemented his place as the leading establishment Republican to replace Mark Kirk in the United States Senate, should Kirk chose to not seek reelection in 2016. And Kinzinger’s road to the Senate goes through Syria. The first item comes from the Lasalle News-Tribune, in which Kinzinger calls for a | Read More »

    Move Over Julia. Jennifer Wants Her Share Too and Is Very Jealous of Fräulein Andrea.

    (photo by cheriedurbin on  Remember all the fun we had mocking The Life of Julia?* She was the poster child for the Democrat’s dream of controlling a single woman from cradle to grave by the benevolent government and its fantastic programs for getting ahead at the expense of other taxpayers. That was released in May 2012 by an outside campaign, just a few months before | Read More »

    Taxed Enough Already

    Taxed Enough Already

    I find it ironic that the very reason the early patriots and founders of our great nation fought for and declared independence in 1776 has come full circle and returned to haunt us. That’s right, the issue of taxation is baaack.  Our government has been gumming things up across the country and we have former Senator Joseph Bailey (D-Texas) to thank for proposing a federal | Read More »

    Marita Noon: People’s climate march wants to change the system, not the weather

    Americans are generous people. We want to believe the best in others. We’ve tried to accept the narrative out of the White House that Islam is a peaceful religion. There’s been talk of the good Muslims reining in the bad—before they ruin the reputation of all Muslims. But then, the Islamic extremists have posted videos of innocent Americans—even a Brit and a Frenchman—being beheaded. It | Read More »

    Obama: We Were Wrong

    “I’ve often said it’s hard being president,” Obama noted wistfully. “It’s not like in China where those guys say ‘Jump’ and the people say ‘Hao hai!’ But it’s worse when you can’t even line up a putt on the 15th green without some aide running up with the latest poll numbers showing even Michigan is in play. You try being reading the break with that going on.”

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    Something About Liberalism Makes it Impossible To See The World As It Really Is

    In an interview aired this weekend on 60 Minutes, Obama conceded that his administration (well, others in his administration, and not him specifically) had “underestimated” the growing threat that ISIS was becoming in Syria, and as a result, was late in fashioning a strategy to deal with them.  One can only wonder if the majority of Americans that voted for this community agitator are learning | Read More »

    John Barrow’s lies about Repealing Obamacare #ga12

    John Barrow's lies about Repealing Obamacare #ga12

    The first debate for #GA12 is in the books.    If you’ve been following this race between Democrat incumbent John Barrow and Republican businessman Rick Allen it’s been explosive.  Rick Allen’s campaign and the National Republican Congressional Committee have done an amazing job of putting John Barrow on defense.  I was listening to WGST in Atlanta online and decided to call in to the Peach | Read More »

    Is there ANY reason why a GOP controlled Senate should restore the 60 vote “requirement” for confirmation?

    Shortly before the GOP is likely to regain control of the Senate, we can expect to see Obama name a replacement for AG Holder, who will then be confirmed by the lame duck Senate under the new rules that Harry Reid  rammed through late last year. To quickly summarize, the ability to filibuster executive and judicial nominations (except for SCOTUS)   by requiring 60 votes | Read More »

    So you want to fire an employee for calling you an %@#*&! in front of customers? Barack Obama says not so fast…

    A few weeks ago I wrote about the National Labor Relations Board seeking to destroy the very nature of America’s most successful business models… franchising. While on occasion the NLRB will stumble across a real issue of consequence, the frequency of that is about the same as real data supporting the man made global warming hoax. More often the agency is simply a shill for | Read More »

    The Internet Tax is an Unfair Revenue Grabber

    Discussion began heating up again about the “internet tax” last week when lawmakers pushed back the moratorium on Internet access taxes — set to expire on Nov. 1 — until mid-December during the lame-duck session. In the meantime, let’s call it out for what it really is: a revenue grabber masquerading as “fairness”. Last year the Senate passed the online sales tax bill, formally known | Read More »

    Why the Internet of Things Could Become a Privacy Headache

    Tomorrowland is here, along with reminders that Things connected to the cloud could turn against us.

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    Syria and Iraq is Vietnam

    Congressman Scott Perry does not wish to give a blank check to President Obama to expend more of America’s blood and treasure, without seeing a plan for victory against ISIL first.

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    A Dearth of Cults?

    Mr. Douthat is mistaken. There are plenty of cults in the U.S. As Mr. Thiel suggests, they are found in many startups and other small companies.

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    The NY Times; The US is no longer a middle-class leader

    The NY Times posted in April of this year a link that tells us the American Middle Class is not what it used to be, and blames “income inequality”.  They post the graphic:  (Source, NY Times, April 22, 2014, ,Accessed 9/28/2014.  Blamed is income inequality.  However, then, why have we become poorer under 0bama, the great “inequality” equalizer?  Could it be that we have | Read More »

    Live with It!

    Now, the federal government, in the form of the FDA, DEA and CDC want to severely curtail a doctor’s ability to prescribe painkillers to patients suffering from chronic pain. According to government studies, these patients turn to hard drugs like heroin when their prescriptions run out. This is the source of our drug problems and the driving force behind the transport and sale of illegal | Read More »


    It must be close to Election Day for in her recent speech, Michelle Obama reinvented the “Republican War on Women” campaign issue. Why would any woman prefer to vote for a member of a Party that promised “hope and change” and to bring people together and then substituted fear, envy and class warfare? How ironic that under her husband’s tenure economic failure affecting both men | Read More »

    Democrats Try to Influence West Virginians with Push Polls

    Democrats have tried to accuse Republicans in West Virginia of doing push polls, but it turns out that Democrat operatives in Washington, D.C. are using push polls in the hope of keeping the statehouse from going red.

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    What Can Ted Cruz Do About The NRSC?

    First off, I just love Ted Cruz. He was perhaps the one thing that kept conservatives like myself going in January in liberal college towns in January 2013 when one of your liberal college professors was rubbing Obama’s re-election inauguration in your face on a nearly daily basis. Unlike many low-info voters who many know him from the 21-hour filibuster, I know him from his | Read More »

    Common Core From the Inside

    A few years back, in an effort to supplement by income, I became a substitute teacher and eventually settled into a rather steady calling at a local K-8 elementary school.  This school is ethnically diverse- mainly Hispanic and Asian students with a smattering of black and white students.  Substitute teaching is NOT organized babysitting while the real teacher is off, and they are required to | Read More »

    Utah and Common Core

    A recent well published poll on Common Core  doesn’t point out the Federal involvement. The Federal “Race to the Top” funding competition in 2009 provided little time for the states to adopt Common Core, so almost no legislatures were involved in the adoption nationally. With the National Governors Association behind it, I am not surprised it was signed in the approx. 2 months the states | Read More »

    Religious Liberty is Imperative to the salvation of our Nation

    I have a question for you; should a business owner be allowed to run their business into the ground because of their poor practices? Now let me ask you another one; should a business service anyone whom they want based on whatever reason they give? Now I ask because there seems to be a growing trend of business owners being compelled through the coercive power | Read More »

    Chuck Todd is Officially Irrelevant

    Whatever shred of relevancy Chuck Todd hoped to achieve as the new moderator of “Meet the Press” just collapsed yesterday during his MSNBC interview regarding the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder. Chuck Todd eulogizes Eric Holder as “a non-political person”: “He did a lot of the tough stuff that you would say, ‘Hey, the attorney general has to do tough stuff, this is not | Read More »



    I once owned a goat. I bought it to help control the weeds and grass on land in back of my home. In addition to being useful it also became kind of a pet for my children. It being pet goat and because I was a benevolent owner I also bought feed to supplement its weed and grass diet. One day the entire feed bag | Read More »


    The Bash Bug Could be a Headache

    Unless you’re a real-life version of Sheldon Cooper, a computer security professional, or, like me, work in the online payment industry, you probably don’t keep up with the latest computer vulnerabilities. A new one that’s hit the web news like a tsunami in the last 72 hours is simply called “the bash bug” (sometimes called “shellshock”). Everyone from Time, to Vox*, to tech site C|Net has covered this story.

    I am not going to get technical here. You can read any of the above-mentioned articles which provide plenty of detail on that. To summarize the problem: a 25-year-old program that’s in an enormous number of systems that power websites, personal laptops, industrial computers, and “stuff”, can potentially be exploited to do—essentially whatever the exploiter commands it to do.

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    The October 2014 Supreme Court Docket

    The 2014 term of the United States Supreme Court kicks off on Monday, October 6th.  While most Court watchers will be doing so with an eye towards cases making their way to the Court and/or the rumored alleged retirement of Justice Ginsburg at the end of this term, the October oral argument calendar has been set since June of this year.  Before getting to those | Read More »

    Cursing Anti-God Batman vs pro-US Army National Guard T-shirt

    This is not a matter of free speech. Libel law is not a contradiction of free speech. And it is one thing to be respectful of other people’s free speech but entirely another thing to curse or blaspheme God on a T-shirt in front of grammar school children.

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    Goodbye and Good Riddance, Coward

    Praise God!  Today we finally ended one of the more sordid subplots to the “Obamination Administration”.   Eric Holder swore to uphold the constitution of the United States and was responsible for seeing that the laws of the United States were faithfully executed.  He did nothing of the sort.  The supreme law of Holder’s Department of Justice was Chicago-style politics and racial/political preference, not the Constitution | Read More »

    Poll in Johnson County, Kansas – Governor, Secretary of State, US Senate

    I’d like to thank Alex Poulter of Political CHIPS for his cooperation on this poll, which you can find below. A brief summary of the poll, conducted Friday 9/19, Saturday 9/20, and Monday 9/22/2014: Republican Kris Kobach was up 48-42%. Republican Sam Brownback was down 46-44%. Republican Pat Roberts was significantly behind in a 2-way race with Greg Orman, 51-38%. With all four potential candidates | Read More »

    Confronting Radical Islam: Key Allies

    President Obama’s Middle East policy is imploding, a spasm of activity seems to be disconnected from specific objectives, and we are assured that the deployment of an Army division headquarters to Iraq does not constitute “boots on the ground.”  Egypt wants him to expand the fight against ISIS to include Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. Others point to Boko Haram in Nigeria and an al Queda splinter group | Read More »

    Karl Rove: The George Costanza of politics

    Depending on who you choose to believe, the Republican party is either going to experience a landslide on their way to retaking the Senate from the hands of Harry “the Henchman” Reid, or they will find a way to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory. And in a mid-term election where Obama is experiencing historically low approval ratings, the fact that the G.O.P. is | Read More »

    Congress Funds Islamists Overseas, Ignores Jihadi Network in At Least 29 States

    Most of our elected officials, with shrugged shoulders, concur with Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn’s (R-TX) quip that, “we don’t have a lot of options” when it comes to ISIS and Middle East turmoil. They’re wrong. Options do exist—they just require leadership. And leadership requires confronting and eliminating a clear and present danger right here at home—in our own back yards. Americans have an immediate | Read More »

    Incest is the New Gay. Embrace it!

    Cutting to the chase.  From The Telegraph: Criminal law is not the appropriate means to preserve a social taboo,” the German Ethics Council said in a statement. “The fundamental right of adult siblings to sexual self-determination is to be weighed more heavily than the abstract idea of protection of the family.” Essentially the German Ethics Council wants to get rid of the laws which ban incest | Read More »

    Rand Paul, Voter ID and Racism

    Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate recently made some comments regarding voter ID laws which have riled up some conservatives and rightfully so.  As anyone should be aware, I am very firmly in favor of voter ID laws.  The Left will trot out statistics indicating that voting fraud is not a major problem in the United States.  But, as anyone should | Read More »

    The Genuflector in Chief

    President Obama’s remarks to the UN General Assembly also mark the first time a sitting U.S. President has ever chaired a Security Council meeting. His remarks were a mixture of retreaded Bush speeches about the evil of terrorism, and cheerleading language like “Islam teaches peace,” versus ISIS, who is “hiding behind a false Islam.” At the end, Obama couldn’t help himself from apologizing for America’s problems, as if the world needs our apology.

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    I suppose we should be grateful that Obama didn’t invoke Michael Sam at the UN.

    Yesterday, during his speech at the UN General Assembly, Obama continued his tradition of knocking America at every opportunity, holding the recent events in Ferguson up to the world as a shining example of, “nope, we ain’t perfect, but we’re trying.” Not surprisingly, it’s the one line in an otherwise totally blah speech that got any attention. But we shouldn’t be surprised, it’s what Obama | Read More » Agen Texas Poker Domino Online Indonesia Terpercaya Agen Texas Poker Domino Online Indonesia Terpercaya , Piala dunia kini sudah usia namun usai piala dunia tentunya tidak usai bagi sebuah Agen texas poker domino online seperti terbaik dan terpercaya ini, hadir setiap saat menjamu anda yang suka bermain poker domino online terbaik terpercaya di indonesia ini, nah intan mau perkenalkan situs ini kepada anda semua untuk itu baca ulasan intan berikut | Read More »

    Apparently Only Certain Deaths Worthy Of Nazarene Reflection

    A Maryland Nazarene Church has posted on its Facebook page photos of candles lit for those mourning Michael Brown and in support of the work to end racism. It might be one thing to light a candle on behalf of his memory as a human being. However, if he had not met his parting from this world in a manner that could be exploited to | Read More »

    There Was More Freedom Of The Press Under Bush Administration

    During the Bush Administration I was critical of some of President Bush’s small business policies. He adopted some policies that I considered to be unfavorable to small business. But, I could get on national television and complain about it. President Obama has adopted policies that are much, much more harmful to small businesses than anything that ever happened under the Bush Administration, but you won’t | Read More »

    NRSC: Grab a bite with Haley “Boss Hogg” Barbour

    NRSC: Grab a bite with Haley "Boss Hogg" Barbour

    Not much to say about this, other than the fact that the NRSC is kicking conservatives and integrity to the curb with their proud association with Haley Barbour. While it is obvious that Barbour knows where and how to eat, you could not pay me to break bread with him, let alone go along with this plea: “Contribute $5 or more to automatically enter your | Read More »

    The End of Time-Off As We Know It: Unlimited Vacation or Zero Vacation?

    Could a vacation non-policy simply be a shareholder-centered money grab masquerading as an open-minded employee-enabling stance? It very well could.

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    Demand Primary Neutrality Now

    Editor’s Note: This column first appeared in the September issue of Townhall Magazine.  Perusing the National Republican Senatorial Committee website, you would think it’s all kumbaya around the campfire as Republicans throughout the country work to take back the Senate in November. What is really going on is a behind-the-scenes, Washington–based political war against conservatives who dare to challenge the status quo. The NRSC says it “provides invaluable support and assistance to | Read More »

    The Boyfriend: Powerful ad– we’re not stuck with Obama’s friends

    The Boyfriend: Powerful ad-- we're not stuck with Obama's friends

    In 2008 Millenials, my generation, flocked to the polls voting for Obama.  Today our entire nation feels the pain as the economy worsens; small businesses are closing and gas prices rise.  While we were college age then, we’re now older now.  My peers who fell for the “Hope and Change” aren’t deceived so easily now and as we embark on our careers we feel the | Read More »

    Did Obama Start His Faux War to Save His Presidency?

    Because let’s face it, he was dragged kicking and screaming into this war against his stated will. We’re witnessing the equivalent of the People were the cart while the president was the horse, to use his idiom. Many a president are flagging at this point in their second term. Some have been saved by their hawkish resolve and others have cemented their legacy with diplomatic achievements late in their | Read More »

    The Not-So-Common Core

    The Not-So-Common Core

    By now, most Americans who have school aged children have heard of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. If you aren’t aware of this program, the Common Core program is billed by the progressive base as the program that will revive education and establish one set of standards nationwide, enabling generations in the future to be more globally competitive. As always, the devil is in | Read More »

    Arrest of Detroit Man has City Talking about the Second Amendment

    The recent arrest of a Detroit man has the city talking about the Second Amendment. Elijah Woody is a 24 year-old Detroit man and member of Hell’s Saints, an open carry activist organization. On September 13, he was standing on a sidewalk talking with friends, a Glock 40  tucked into his waistband. As it is illegal to carry concealed, he had his jacket tucked behind | Read More »

    The Complicated Senate Scene

    Sabato’s Crystal Ball had an interesting article about the Senate elections this year and the possibility that we may not really have a clear indication of control of the Senate come Election Day.  As they note, there are five races where the average poll results between the Republican and Democrat are less than three percentage points at this stage in the game-  Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, | Read More »

    War on Obesity?

    Has the White House given up on its war on obesity?  In a recent speech, President Obama said, “America will not hesitate to step up to the plate.” Sounds like a concession to me.

    Whoa!! Ezekiel Emanuel has just euthanized ALL the 2016 Democrat presidential candidates

    A short while back I posted a somewhat tongue-in-cheek diary: “The AVERAGE age of Democrat presidential candidates is (GASP) 70!!!” But is seems that the architect of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emanuel, has just decided to wipe out all the Democrats running for the White House. According to ole Zeke, 75 is the perfect age to commence pushing up daisies: We know that liberals tend | Read More »

    New Inversion Rules Seek to Punish Businesses, Not Raise Revenue

    The Department of the Treasury announced last night that it has implemented new rules aimed at making it more difficult for U.S. companies to move their headquarters abroad, which is known as an “inversion”. The rules take immediate effect. Interestingly enough, when Obama began his crusade against inversions earlier this summer, Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew was adamant enough that rules changes must originate | Read More »

    I Teach Gender Roles To My Kids and I’m Good With That

    Boys are not innately gifted with the knowledge not to hit girls. Practically everything that we consider to be civil behavior is learned. The womb and DNA only go so far, and the rest is gained through careful observation and imitation.

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