The Capitol and White House are Racist Icons, Because Diversity

    In the name of diversity, nobody is allowed to succeed, unless success is defined as diversity itself. A successful company doesn’t create value, it exists to foster diversity. Schools don’t exist to educate: they are there to model and teach diversity. Even architecture and art exist for the purpose of diversity.

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    Heritage Action Score Percentiles of Republican Senators, 2011-2014

    Heritage Action for America provides a scorecard that helps us conservatives assess which Congresspersons in Washington are standing for our principles and values and to what extent. Redstate automatically tags Congresspersons with their Heritage Action Score (HAS) for the current session of Congress. I wanted to improve this data by including data from the prior session, as well. Additionally, I wanted to assess where each | Read More »

    Income Inequality

    With interest rates remaining near zero and bond buying coming to an end, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen recently had the time to reflect on income inequality in America, citing the increase in the portion of accumulated wealth held by the top 5 % from 54% in 1989 to 63 % in 2013.  This follows several months of adoring articles about French economist Thomas Piketty’s book, Capital in | Read More »

    Canada Comes Face to Face with ISIS and Radical Islamic Jihadist Terror

    It was only a matter of time, but now Canada, a strong ally of the United States and freedom, has been struck with the brutal reality of radical Islamic jihadist terror.

    This week not one but two separate terrorist attacks on Canada’s military personnel have ravished the country.

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    Midterm Races in Maine and Massachusetts

    Maine has a Senate, gubernatorial and an open-seat congressional election this year.  First, the easy one.  Although she may not be the most popular Republican Senator among conservatives,  does have the “R” after her name.  And she is apparently popular in Maine as evidenced by the fact she holds commanding leads in every poll taken, although there have been few.  When we talk about the Republican | Read More »

    Casino Sbobet

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    Houston, You’ve Got a Problem: It’s Called Islam and Your Lesbian Mayor Ignores the Reality that Lesbians Rank High on Islam’s Hit List

    While Houston’s lesbian Mayor Annise Parker and her City Council pals subpoena and obsess over Christian ministers’ sermons, she ignores incomparable and immanent threats to Americans posed by Islamists in Houston. Houston’s First Amendment squabble is, as Texans say, “peanuts,” compared to actual ongoing violations of Article III Section 3. To put the enormity of Houston’s crisis into context, the nation’s fourth largest city is | Read More »

    Natalie Tennant Violates Her Own Election Laws…Again!

    How can voters trust her to write laws if she can’t follow the laws voters have entrusted her to enforce?

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    The Truth About Maness

    I can read off reason after reason, but I will let his former campaign manager do the speaking… Quote As of man of integrity who will put principle above politics, I am strongly urging each of you to cast your vote for Dr. this week for US Senate. Family, friends, you know my heart, my beliefs, and my values. As the 2013 Campaign Manager for | Read More »

    Midterm Races in Florida

    With no Senatorial race and some potentially interesting congressional races, most of the attention this year will be focused on the gubernatorial race pitting former Republican turned independent turned Democrat Charlie Crist against incumbent Republican Rick Scott.  To state that Scott’s first term got off to a rocky start would be an understatement.  Starting earlier this year, Scott’s approval and popularity ratings started to improve. | Read More »

    Follow the Money: Apple Inc.

    Follow the Money: Apple Inc.

    Unless you’re completely off the grid, you’ve read about Apple’s most recent releases including updated iPads, their latest operating system for Macs and of course the new iPhone 6 and Apple Pay. As a result of these products that seemingly can’t stay on the shelves, Apple’s earnings, which were released on Tuesday showed a revenue of $42.1 billion. Clearly, Apple has come a long way | Read More »

    Win for Electoral Integrity: Supreme Court Refuses Obama Attempt to Block Texas Voter ID Law

    Just ahead of the midterm elections, the Supreme Court has stopped President Obama’s latest attempt to block commonsense measures to ensure voter integrity.

    This past weekend the Supreme Court weighed in on Texas’s voter ID law refusing to block its implementation before Election Day.

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    The Obama Administration’s Ebola Message Needs To Be Quarantined

    Obama’s administration’s practice of making discordant and logically inconsistent statements is the very sort of thing that heightens the public anxiety about epidemics like Ebola. When public officials say one thing, but by their actions, contradict the very essence of the information they disseminated, it not only causes us to wonder which story is correct, but whether important facts are being occluded. The only other interpretation is incompetence and that’s not good either.

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    Midterm Races in Kentucky

    Two weeks from Election Day, I am reminded of Duane Bobick, the former heavyweight contender once dubbed the “great white hope.”  While the childish jackasses at DailyKos are dancing on the grave of Republican Terri Lynn Land’s chances in the Michigan senatorial race, they seem to have forgotten that their “great female hope” in Kentucky is also going down in flames.  Unlike Michigan, however, which | Read More »

    Week 42 Chronological Bible Reading & Week 19 New Testament Readings

    Week 42 October Monday 20 Mark 6:1-30; Matt. 13:54-58; 9:35-11:1; 14:1-12;  Luke 9:1-10 Tuesday 21 Matt 14:13-36; Mark 6:31-56; Luke 9:11-17;       John 6:1-21 Wednesday 22 John 6:22-7:1; Matt. 15:1-20; Mark 7:1-23 Thursday 23 Matt. 15:21-16:20; Mark 7:24-8:30; Luke 9:18-21 Friday 24 Matt. 16-21-17:27; Mark 8:31-9:32; Luke 9:22-45 Saturday 25 Matt. 18; 8:19-22; Mark 9:33-50; Luke 9:46-62;  John 7:2-10 Sunday 26 John 7:11-8:59   Week 19 | Read More »

    Why Rep. Michaud Has No Business Running for Governor

    I wrote a piece and sent it to the local paper, but I thought I’d share it here as well.   Despite Mike Michaud’s rather unremarkable tenure as Representative of Maine’s Second Congressional District, he has taken it upon himself to further serve the people of Maine whether we like it or not. There are myriad reasons why a Michaud Administration is not in the | Read More »

    Ebola: An excuse for racism?

    In 2008, those on the left held up Barack Hussein Obama as a candidate who presented an opportunity for America to elect a post-racial President; a man who could bring healing to a nation wounded by a history of racial division. Yet, from Attorney General Eric Holder to Obama himself, we have been fed a steady diet of race-baiting politics meant to silence anyone who | Read More »

    Obama needs 34 million work permits for what?

    Katie Pavlich of Townhall reports that Obama Plans Executive Action By Giving 34 Million Work Visas to Illegal Immigrants Lets look at what this means Writing under bragging rights in the daily beast daily beast, Michael Tomasky calculates that the economy has created created between 3.7 and 4.5 million jobs during the term of the Obama administration. (He leaves out the 800000 jobs lost January | Read More »

    Pakistan Sentences Christian Mom Asia Bibi to Death for “Blasphemy” over a Cup of Water

    A committed Christian. A mother of five. A loving wife. A servant of all.

    But will she also be a martyr?

    That’s Asia Bibi. She’s been sentenced to death by hanging under Pakistan’s Shariah blasphemy law.

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    How do YOU get the word out about the Precinct Strategy?

    Our Spartanburg, SC County GOP had a table at our county fair this weekend.  Prominently displayed was a map of our county with the UNORGANIZED precinct highlighted with sticky dots.  It was eye catching, and people stopped to look for where they lived, not even knowing what it was about. In our discussions with those who stopped by we handed out the following flyer: Have | Read More »

    Six Years and Out: It’s Time to Change the Four-Year Presidential Term

    Re-posted from National Review When Politico’s Roger Simon recently started a list entitled “4 Things Hillary Can Do To Win” by urging Clinton to “announce she will serve only one term as president,” he was channeling an increasingly popular political idea. Luminaries from former Harvard president Larry Summers to veteran political observer Larry Sabato to HBO funster Bill Maher all agree that a single presidential | Read More »

    Crony Socialists Looking to Ban Online Gambling Don’t Seem to Realize It’s a WORLD WIDE Web

    I used to bet football games, and play occasional hands of cards (I’m mostly retired). I mostly did so online – via a company based in Costa Rica. Did I know the owner of the Costa Rican company? No. Did I know anyone in Costa Rica? No. Did I have any particular affinity for that nation? No. To quote Joe Walsh (the James Gang, solo | Read More »

    Early Voting Open Thread

    Early Voting Open Thread

    Early voting has begun in at least 15 states and the District of Columbia.  In my home county, they are playing “where’s the polls” in a shell game, with one polling location open as of last Tuesday, and several others open this week, and two on Saturday.  There’s plenty of ways to drive up to a “closed, please visit…” sign for everyone. I am planning | Read More »

    Obama To Democrats: Don’t Forget That You All Support My Agenda

    President Obama really isn’t making it easy for his party in the 2014 midterms. In a time when red state Democrats are trying to look independent from the Obama White House, the president keeps reminding the electorate that they all support his agenda; they are also ‘strong allies.’ Obama said this little sound bite on Al Sharpton’s radio show yesterday [emphasis mine]: “Well, look, here’s the bottom | Read More »

    @MonicaLewinsky joins Twitter – #HereWeGo

    Within hours of joining Twitter, Lewinsky has racked up almost 40,000 followers, but follows not a single person in return.

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    Why Is the Annual Debt Increase Larger than The Deficit?

    In the real world when you spend more than you earn and borrow money to cover the difference your debt increases by the amount you spent (and borrowed) over what you earned.   But the government doesn’t live in the real world and goes to great lengths to hide from you what it actually spends and how it borrows. Bureaucrats, congress, and the president are especially | Read More »

    If Obama unilaterally amnesties 34 million illegals, then the next Republican congress MUST impeach him, and this time, many Senate Democrats will vote to convict.

    Several reports are starting to surface indicating that the Obama administration is preparing millions of work authorization permits for illegals, beginning the amnesty process. If Obama does go forward with this action, the new Republican controlled Congress should immediately move to impeach, and I do believe there would be sufficient Democrat votes in the Senate to convict, and equally important; that  the Clintons would actually | Read More »

    Blue Flight

    With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, professional forecasters are focusing much of their attention on traditionally red states in middle America, such as Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana, and West Virginia. Many of these races are tighter than they should be, given the unpopularity of the president and his policies. At the same time, polling companies are admitting that they are expecting greater polling error this year. | Read More » agen bola sbobet ibcbet casino 338a tangkas togel online indonesia terpercaya agen bola sbobet ibcbet casino 338a tangkas togel online indonesia terpercaya – Saya sering ditanya bagaimana saya bisa menang secara konsisten di olahraga taruhan ketika kebanyakan orang merasa bahwa mereka baik-baik jika mereka menang satu di sini atau di sana. Tanggapan umum saya adalah bahwa saya tahu menang taruhan sistem dan cara bermain game taruhan olahraga. Hal ini biasanya membawa lebih banyak pertanyaan tentang apa | Read More »

    John Hickenlooper stole this man’s justice

    John Hickenlooper stole this man's justice

    Elections matter, and real people can be hurt by a politician’s decisions, or even the lack thereof. Last year, when Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper gave a temporary reprieve to mass murderer Nathan Dunlap, people were hurt. Meet Dennis O’Connor, a father who lost his daughter and had waited 20 years for justice, when Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper threw his life into further limbo by refusing | Read More »

    An Inconvenient Truth For Israel Haters and Anti-Zionists

    In July, when some of the fiercest conflict was raging, Israel’s Defense Forces established a field hospital just inside the Erez border crossing, which provided humanitarian care and emergency treatment for Palestinians. The hospital was equipped not only with doctors and medical assistants, but also lab technicians, radiologists, pediatricians, OB-GYN specialists and even a delivery room.

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    Jason Carter- One Fell Out of The Peanut Tree

    For reasons that are beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, the race for Georgia’s governor’s seat is said to be as tight as a penny-pincher’s grip on a dollar bill. Incumbent Nathan Deal is being challenged by current state senator Jason Carter. Carter’s biggest asset appears to be that he is the grandson of the nation’s most ineffective president, former peanut farmer Jimmy Carter. As | Read More »

    Religious Liberty Under Assault in Texas

    Jared Woodfill, candidate for Republican Party of Texas Chairman, is making national news as the plaintiff in a lawsuit against Democrat Mayor of Houston Annise Parker.

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    Marita Noon: Shouldn’t we be fighting a war on terrorism not on fossil fuels?

    The oil and gas industry has added millions of jobs to the U.S. economy in the past six years and represents the bright spot in the jobs numbers. Imagine where the unemployment numbers would be if the oil and gas industry had been treated as poorly as coal.

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    Jumping the Shark with Viral Moral Equivalency

    All things are equal in weight, value and importance in the Leftist argument: Obama 10/18/14  Weekly Address transcript as follows:     “First, what we’re seeing now is not an “outbreak” or an “epidemic” of Ebola in America.  We’re a nation of more than 300 million people.  To date, we’ve seen three cases of Ebola diagnosed here-the man who contracted the disease in Liberia, came here and | Read More »

    Clarity of Government Purpose – Potentially the Silver Lining Behind of the Ebola Cloud

    When the Ebola scare is done the damage it will have done is likely to be far more reaching than just the individual victims themselves. Of all of the things the government is supposed to do, protecting its citizens is likely very close to the top in most people’s minds. Indeed, government is supposed to do for citizens that which they cannot or choose not | Read More »

    White House Press Pool Fights Back Against Obama Censorship

    White House Press Pool Fights Back Against Obama Censorship

    When the mainstream media, alternately faithful lapdogs, purring kittens, and revolving-door influence peddlers, get fed up with the White House, it’s probably not a policy issue.  And it isn’t.  There’s one thing that will get the White House press corps panties in a bunch faster than Sarah Palin being right—and that’s messing with their “journalistic independence”. For many years, and through several administrations, the White | Read More »

    Jobs Outsourced Overseas by Delaware’s Senator Chris Coons

    Over 2,170 Delaware Jobs have been sent overseas by Freshman U.S. Senator Chris Coons in his family business, while Coons campaigns for re-election promising to bring jobs to Delaware

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    Midterm Races in Michigan

    Let’s first dispense with this silly notion that Michigan is a purple state.  Every four years I hear of how Michigan is in play only to have it go for the Democratic nominee for President.  Yes, there are pockets of conservative/Republican areas as there are in the bluest of blue states.  This year, we have a gubernatorial race, an open Democratic-held Senate seat and the | Read More »

    The Blood on Obama’s Hands

    The Blood on Obama’s Hands

    When conservatives consider the casualties of Obama’s national security policies, their attention is drawn quite naturally to Benghazi. In this shameful episode, the Obama Administration sacrificed an ambassador and three American heroes to protect a deceptive presidential campaign message in which Obama claimed that the war against al-Qaeda was over and won (“Osama bin Laden is dead, and al-Qaeda is on the run”). The facts | Read More »

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    Ebola and the Fear of Flying

    A pervasive attitude It’s incredible to me how reflexively, head-pattingly dismissive government health bureaucrats, their apologists in the media, and their left-leaning Twitter friends are in discussing Ebola in the U.S. At least in public. Here’s an example from the other day— National Journal, Sam Baker: An Ebola ‘Czar’ Won’t Stop Ebola. But What Can He Do? Czars and travel bans won’t prevent another Ebola | Read More »

    Fundamental Transformation of America: Is the Third Time a Charm?

    The origin of the third time is a charm is unknown but the belief that the third time something is attempted is more likely to succeed than the previous two attempts makes sense. Fundamentally transforming America was and is a lofty goal and would necessarily require multiple attempts to bring her to her knees. America is a proud and stubborn country that doesn’t succumb to threats of destruction. She | Read More »

    Wendy Davis Was Right—Just Look at Obama’s Destruction of Black America

    Democratic Texas State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis was heavily criticized for a political ad she ran against her disabled Republican opponent Greg Abbott. To clarify, she did not claim Abbott was an unfit candidate because he is disabled—that would be discriminatory. She argued, and rightfully so, that Greg Abbott politicizes his disability yet he actively ruled and legally fought against the blind, deaf, | Read More »

    Midterm Races in Minnesota and Ohio

    First up in this entry- Ohio where there is a gubernatorial race and congressional races.  In the gubernatorial race, Democrats had very high hopes here with Ed FitzGerald.  The Republican incumbent John Kasich looked endangered back in July and held precariously low advantages in polls.  Revelations since then- being parked in a car with a woman that was not his wife late at night, driving | Read More »

    Why Our Family Doesn’t Do Halloween

    Every year, my family and I face the same dilemma. The last time either of us participated in Halloween has to be at least 10 years ago. We have made a decision to abstain from Halloween celebrations, including all the TV specials, candy, and trick-or-treat associated with it. I’m not against dressing up in costumes, or candy, or fun. I and my wife simply oppose the values that go along with Halloween—the celebration of darkness, horror, fear, and mayhem.

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    Think Ebola airborn transmission is impossible? Don’t bet your life on it.

    A reasonable precaution to take whenever in public areas, is to routinely apply an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer of the portable type and disinfectant wipes on surfaces that you don’t trust – like the ones provided at the supermarket to clean the handle and seat of the shopping cart. Why? Because estimates range from several hours to even a day, the time that a virus is still actively contagious on a surface.

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    Did Robert Kosowski Lie To Gain A Key Endorsement?

    State Rep. Robert Kosowski (D-Westland) might have lied about his voting record on education in order to gain the Wayne-Westland Observer’s endorsement. Despite misleading claims in the Wayne-Westland Observer, Kosowski voted to cut education funding and ban charter schools.

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    It’s okay to ‘Like’ your own Facebook status

    Social interaction and the ability to re-engage friends, followers and fans has become a bit easier on Facebook with some recently released tips and tricks, according to EyesOnNews on Monday. Recent reports indicate that clicking “Like” on a Facebook status update immediately after posting it will increase the number of Facebook friends exposed to it thus raising awareness and presence on the world’s most popular social networking website. After | Read More »