As I said in an earlier post, although I realize the economy is the number one issue in the public eye at the moment, in light of Biden’s statement I think Obama’s positions on National Defense Policy are worthy of discourse right now.

Simply put, Obama is wrong on national defense.

He says we have unproven missile systems. I think not.

Consider also his qualifications to even handle security matters of a sensitive nature. Next time some Democrat or moderate Republican complains about us making a big deal about Obama’s past associations, point out that those associations would make it impossible to pass a background check for a security clearance.

One of the latest troubling associations which have received no media scrutiny has to do with Raila Odinga.

Does the fact that United States Senator Obama was involved in a Kenyan political campaign violate any laws? If not, what about Senate ethics rules? How about common sense and what we in the military used to call good order and discipline? What kind of message does it send for Obama to lend support to a man who seeks to impose Sharia law in a democratic country and has repudiated Kenya’s support for the US in the GWOT?Odinga has alleged Obama is his cousin but Obama or his campaign (don’t remember which) eventually denied it. Related or not, they seem to share something in common.

Kenya is an important ally in the Horn of Africa region, bordering on the long-failed state of Somalia. Somalia is the home of the troubling piracy issues in the region. Radical Islam is active there, but it goes largely unnoticed for most Americans. Let’s not have dubious and counterproductive associations undermine our security efforts there. At least we now have dedicated a joint command for the continent of Africa.

What is his view on gays in the military? Here’s oneFWIW, Tammy Baldwin is on his national gay leadership and policy committee.

As for the women-in-combat roles issue, Obama thinks it is already a reality, and that they should register withselective service

The points I’ve raised here only scratch the surface of my objections to Barack Hussein Obama’s qualifications as Commander-in-Chief, but this should give you some incentive to seek further information on the subjects I’ve raised and the related issues you will discover via the links provided.