Interesting guests and timely topics will be on AM 740 WSBR the week of January 23rd and The Credit Report with Bill Lewis.

After seven plus years on AM talk radio in South Florida, Bill Lewis discusses his long anticipated move from morning drive time on AM 1470 WWNN to evening drive time on Money Talk Radio, AM 740 WSBR.

Chairman Richard DeNapoli of the Broward Republican Party will appear and discuss initiatives to expand candidate awareness through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Foreclosure defense attorney Carlos Reyes will appear and discuss the latest developments in the Florida Supreme Court case of Roman Pino versus Bank of New York.  Despite a voluntary dismissal by Pino in a foreclosure fraud matter, the Court found that the case is a “matter of great public importance” and will proceed on behalf of all Floridians.

Former prosecutor and Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Jim Lewis will appear and discuss his candidacy for Broward State Attorney as the only Republican for this countywide office in 2012.

Brian Walsh of Wings Plus in Coral Springs will appear and discuss the recent appearance of presidential candidate and former Senator Rick Santorum as well as this Wednesday’s scheduled appearance of presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

Bill Burke and Kevin Rafferty of Paradise Bank will appear and discuss how their three branch bank reached a significant milestone in its six year history by becoming the top Small Business Administration (SBA) community bank lender in the state of Florida.

Fort Lauderdale serial entrepreneur Jamie McDonnell will appear and discuss his latest celebrity STOP Burger – the Jake Miller Burger.  Jake is a singer, rapper, musician and songwriter who has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the music industry since distributing a few homemade music videos on YouTube in late 2010.

Tom Lauder of Red Broward will appear and discuss his political blog where “Making Broward See Red” is not such a hard job.

Criminal defense attorney John Contini will appear and discuss the importance of proper representation before the court in matters of criminal history sealing or expunction when attempting to clean up a prior arrest record.

Former Plantation Councilman and current Republican Party of Broward County Executive Director Rico Petrocelli will appear and discuss the continuing commitment of the Broward Republican Executive Committee to ensure success in the 2012 presidential election.

Barry Epstein will appear and discuss his Internet television show “Barry Epstein Live” airing Friday’s at 10 a.m. at

Since the show’s inception, Bill Lewis has interviewed some of the country’s leading politicians, including: Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Herman Cain, Jon Huntsman, Allen West, Rick Scott, George LeMieux, Jeff Atwater, Adam Putnam, Pam Bondi, Marco Rubio, Alex Sink, Charlie Crist, Bill McCollum, Jeff Kottkamp, Christine O’Donnell, among others.

In addition, The Credit Report with Bill Lewis has hosted a number of politicians as well as attorneys and industry experts in the south Florida area.  Among the dozens that have appeared on the show are Carlos Reyes, Al Lamberti, Chip LaMarca, Lori Parrish, Brenda Snipes, Richard Denapoli, Rico Petrocelli, Jamie McDonnell, Jim Lewis, Tom Lauder, Lori Barkus, and John Contini.

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