Elections don’t have consequence when Republicans win them. We are more likely to punish our friends and reward our enemies than vice versa. By way of illustration, you might note that the only place GWB’s USDOJ Public Integrity Section spent much time and effort was in one of America’s reddest states, Alaska. The Democrats don’t share our confusion as to friends and enemies.

Republicans now have essentially zero power and influence in the NYC – DC – LA Axis of Evil. The only place we keep our party alive and plan for a revival is in the Red and Purple states where we still have some control. Now why would they let us do that?

First, forget silly posturing about Republicans forsaking earmarks and pork; they aren’t getting anything to earmark and if it goes to a Democrat district, it isn’t pork – definitionally. They have the power to cut off discretionary federal spending in the Red districts and they will. And then there’s the non-discretionary spending.

Most federal social welfare, education, and similar funding comes in the form of grants and contracts with the states. The state then appropriates the federal funds into its general fund and spends it in accordance with the federal purpose and regulations as well as with that state’s rules. For those of you who’ve never worked in government, I assure you that it is quite literally impossible to fully comply with all the rules that can be dredged up to be applied to you. With a friendly administration in DC, close enough is good enough and it takes real evidence of a serious bad act to get federal funds cut, cut off, or charges brought. That said, any time a state or local fund manager signs the financial report to his federal funding source, he is quite literally signing his life away should the fed choose to come after him.

The Ds and the MSM have done a good job of developing the meme that all Republicans are definitionally corrupt. It only makes sense that a major part of hopeandchange will be stamping out all that Republican corruption at its very roots. As soon as BHO gets a grip on the federal bureacracy, say, about thirty seconds after his hand comes off whatever book he chooses to be sworn in on, an army of federal auditors, investigators, and regulators will descend on the states I assure you that they aren’t going to NY, MA, IL or any other place the Democrats control.

They’re coming to take a look at Jindal’s social services department, Pawlenty’s DOT, Palin’s education department, and on. They WILL find stuff and if not, they’ll just make it up. Who’s to know? All they have to do is perp walk some directors and commissioners out of their offices, and easy thing to do, and the Republican ability to govern states becomes just as stained as our ability to govern the nation.

It only goes so far to try to be Caesar’s wife; the rules are impossible to fully comply with if the person looking wants to nail you. If you think it felt bad late in the evening of the 4th, wait six months or a year and you can see what it feels like to have people in your own state perp walked before the cameras and ridiculed in all the papers and assaulted in all the blogs. It’s coming; they prototyped it here in Alaska already.