Gallup did another poll on the silly issue of “Is Obama Muslim?” They find that 12% of Rs and 12% of Ds think Obama is Muslim. So it’s not just a partisan thing. Interesting, they don’t break it down by education or income which I presume make a difference.

First, 12% is a ludicrously low number for getting a basic fact wrong among Americans, so I’m not sure why the MSM is so concerned. More people think 9/11 was an inside job. Something like 75% of Americans think we’re in a recession. Sure, the economy has slowed down and their have been a lot of worrisome signs, but “recession” has a definition and we aren’t in one yet. Somehow I don’t remember seeing the media self-flagellate over why so many Americans are mistaken about such a basic fact.

Second, and more relevant to this specific poll, it seems Democrats care much more whether Obama is Muslim or not.

There is no difference in support for McCain among Rs who think Obama is Muslim and Rs who think he is Christian. Their support for McCain is identical regardless of their view about Obama’s religion.

However, support for Obama among Ds who think he is Muslim is 28 points lower than among Ds who think he is Christian.

This may be due to a) Clinton supporters who bought into the Clinton-inspired Muslim lies, b) Democrats who don’t like Obama nor Muslims and thus associate the two, or c) Something else entirely.

Whatever the cause, the MSM does not even seem to care that this is mostly an issue where Democrats are concerned about religion, just as Democrats seem more concerned about gender and race than with policy, leadership, experience, or ability.