He apparently thinks that Article I of the Constitution defines the executive branch instead of the legislative branch:

I’m really hoping that Sarah Palin will be presiding over this guy in a few months. Probably not, but maybe….

Liberals like Biden and Obama do not understand that when they take a cavalier attitude toward the Constitution, they are taking a cavalier attitude toward the glue that holds this country together, and to the ideals that brave Americans have been shedding blood for over the course of hundreds of years. Indeed, they are taking a cavalier attitude toward the principles that western civilization developed over the course of thousands of years, and which our framers wisely codified, and which have been carefully modified by constitutional amendment in order to weed out the bad and preserve the very best. All of that is out the window with people like Biden and Obama in charge. The Constitution becomes whatever Biden and Obama and their judicial appointees say. Anarchy might well be better.

Here’s hoping that McCain does what he does best!

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