I’m curious why this site encourages people to write under an alias.  Seems to me it would be preferable to use real names.  People would feel more responsible for what they write, and so the quality of the site would increase.

Wikipedia also allows people to write anonymously, and I long ago stopped contributing to Wikipedia because it’s become a left-wing propaganda site.  People gang up on each other, attack competent editors to demand content they like, and then administrators pretend to be neutral.  This is all facilitated by the ability to hide behind fictitious names.  Of course, it’s not nearly as bad at this site, which overall is a great site.  But, I think using real names woulod make this a better site still.

Writing anonymously has a long and proud history.  For example, many American commentators in the 1780s did so (e.g. James Madison and Alexander Hamilton).  But the practice has pretty much died out in newspapers, and overall that change was for the better, I think.  Using real names increases the writers’ sense of responsibility.