The Boston Herald is reporting that Scott Brown is now up by four points.  As a native of the Bay State, that is good news, and a win on Tuesday would be more so.

Frankly, even if Martha Coakley were a better person than Mother Theresa and George Washington put together, Scott Brown would still deserve to win.  That’s because this election is as much about one-party rule as it is about the candidates themselves.  We currently have virtually one-party rule in the nation’s capital, and that has been the status quo in Massachusetts politics for many years.  Better to have a diversity of views that can compete with each other.

And, of course, Martha Coakley is no Mother Theresa, and no George Washington.  She recently denigrated anyone (like Brown) who would actually condescend to mingle in cold weather near Fenway Park with ordinary citizens, so probably Calcutta would be out of the question.  And she denies that we have any enemies in Afghanistan, just as she would have denied in 1777 that we had any enemies in London.

Well, maybe Coakley will have to endure being Attorney General of Massachsusetts a while longer than she anticipated.  Here’s hoping for a big upset on Tuesday.  I had the pleasure of phone-banking for Brown on Saturday in Holyoke, and have contributed a few dollars too.  Please chip in.  🙂