According to the Daily Caller:

[T]here were reports that Steny Hoyer said earlier Saturday that the House would vote on reconciliation first Sunday, and then on the Senate bill. This isn’t really all that big of a deal but apparently some Democrats wanted to vote in that order to symbolize their preference for the reconciliation legislation over the Senate bill.  But I’ve confirmed with House leadership aides that the House will vote on the Senate bill first, and then the reconciliation legislation.

That is somewhat good news.  It’s a cliffhanger, and the toughest vote will come first.  This is as it should be, for many reasons, not least of which is that it would be crazy to vote to amend a bill and then vote on the bill itself without the amendments.

Meanwhile, according to The Hill, 36 Democrats 37 Democrats are leaning no, likely no, or firm no.  38 Democrats are needed to kill the bill, and start over with a clean slate on a bipartisan basis.  20 Democrats 19 Democrats are undecided or unclear.

Hat Tip: Patterico’s Pontifications.