In the recent GOP primary campaign in South Carolina, Sarah Palin urged people to vote for Newt Gingrich in that particular primary, in order to keep the overall primary battle competitive. I now offer my not-much-sought-after endorsement to Romney for the Florida primary, for the same reason. If Romney loses Florida, his campaign would collapse. If he wins, it’s still competitive.

I am not 100% sold on Romney as the nominee. Not even 75%. But I hope Floridians vote for him.

The main objection to him has been RomneyCare. But keep in mind that he was dealing with a veto-proof Democratic majority in the legislature. If he hadn’t sought compromise, the resulting legislation would have been WORSE. Why he has not emphasized this point I do not know. But it’s true. And you know what else is true? Romney continues to poll a lot better against Obama than Gingrich does. ‘Nuf said.