Fair elections require fair information.  Instead, the American people got BS from Candy Crowley of CNN and from Steve Kroft of CBS.  This misinformation was sufficient to swing what was a very close election, in my opinion.

Crowley, as moderator of the second presidential debate, intervened on Obama’s side to say that Romney was wrong, i.e. Crowley asserted that Obama had previously described (during a Rose Garden speech) the Benghazi attack as an “act of terror”. Obama falsely made this claim during the second debate, and Crowley decided to back him up on it. In this way, Crowley violated the ground rules of the debate, stepped out of the traditional role of a neutral moderator, and falsely defended President Obama’s lie against Romney’s correct challenge.

At most, Obama had suggested in the Rose Garden that the Benghazi attack might be a terrorist attack. He did not say it was, and his underlings proceeded to say for weeks that it was not.

Following Crowley’s presentation of misinformation during the debate, CBS News then sat for weeks on video proving Crowley wrong and Romney right.  The video interview by Kroft of Obama occurred a few hours after the Rose Garden speech.  In that interview, Kroft confirmed that Obama had carefully avoided calling the Benghazi attack an act of terror, and Obama reiterated to Kroft that it was then too soon to tell whether it was an act of terror. That directly contradicted Obama’s later claim during the second debate.

Crowley has not acknowledged making any mistake, so it appears that what she did was deliberate.  Likewise, Kroft did not go public with the true story until two days before the election, by which time the third debate had come and gone, along with any opportunity to challenge Obama on the matter. The third debate was about foreign policy.

What Crowley and Kroft did was just as bad as stuffing ballot boxes with fraudulent votes. They deceived and misled the nation.

Here is Erik Wemple of the Washington Post, taking CBS to task.