Back in the late sixties, a wonderful movement to ensure equal rights for women was picking up steam.   Ultimately, it led to huge and well-deserved strides for women.  There are still some areas that could use improvement, but overall the movement was a huge success.

But many supporters of women’s rights developed a sense of moral superiority, and could not resist the temptation to demonize their opponents.  In an orgy of self-congratulation and demonization, they and the American judiciary went too far, callously twisting the fundamental law of the United States in an absurd effort to justify the “right” of women to kill unborn children, even minutes before they could otherwise be born.  The voice of the people has been silenced by a few foolish and powerful, well-intentioned and naive judges.  We have yet to undo that travesty.

And here we are again.  Gay rights are a good thing.  People ought not be jailed for following strong natural impulses that harm no one.  This particular movement started with the American people, working through our elected representatives.  But then the judges took over.  And in another orgy of self-congratulation and demonization, the fundamental law of the United States is again being twisted in an absurd effort to force state governments to use terminology (“marriage”) that denies all differences between gay couples and other couples, denying also the right of the American people to encourage families in which children are raised by a mother and a father.

To the judiciary, I say: get a grip, back off, get off the high horses, chill, and spare us.