Out-0f-wedlock births in the United States have skyrocketed in recent decades.  Apparently, anyone who believes this is a social problem warranting government incentives for marriage, is a bigot unless equal incentives are given to gay couples.  In fact, I am supposedly a bigot for wanting to a use a different word for different kinds of couples, because it is bigoted to deny that there is any difference.  If that is bigotry, then I’m quite proud of it.

Americans are going to get what we deserve, and that’s not much.  After all we don’t deserve much, do we?  The majority of our populace thinks it’s fine and dandy for unelected masters to treat the rest of the country like pawns and slaves, leaving only trivial subjects for resolution in legislatures and at voting booths.  And the same majority has no problem conjuring up invisible rights in our Constitution.  For example, when our sex-crazed generation encounters a failure of the birth control pill there’s no problem, we can just rip apart the unintended baby in the womb, and then preposterously claim that James Madison’s Bill of Rights says so.

We don’t deserve much, and I’m sure we will get exactly what we deserve when this insane marriage litigation is through.  May future generations forgive us for our passivity in the face of the unquenchable appetite for power and condescension in this nation’s judicial chambers.  Why should judges care about any right to have a mother and father, if they don’t even care about a right to stay alive?  For shame.