It’s quite clear that the United States now welcomes most people who want to come here illegally, but repels most people who want to come here legally.  This is part and parcel of the pathetic games being played in Washington D.C.

So bring on the Chinese.  That country’s government has long sought to contain an exploding population, and this is the perfect opportunity.  They could easily pay off Mexico so that Mexico would allow Chinese citizens to be dropped off in that country for transit to Texas, and China could easily rent a few thousand buses to take those people up to the U.S. border.  China currently has a population of 1.3 billion people, and they could quickly reduce that population to under a billion this way.  The 300 million Chinese citizens who come to our country would probably be very happy to make the trip.

Just to be clear, I would prefer if the United States would limit immigration to the legal kind, and get serious about stopping the illegal kind.  But if we are now living in a new reality, I really do think that the Chinese would be foolish to not take advantage of it.  As would Al Qaeda, India, the Netherlands, Africa, and all countries where citizens would prefer living the American dream.

Of course, this would make assimilation impossible, would promote law-breaking instead of law-abiding, and would thus jeopardize the tradition of American self-government.  Open borders for illegal immigrants would deprive people born in this country of low-paying jobs, and the exploding population would drive up real estate prices through the roof.  The strain on the natural environment would be immense, given that human population growth is the main driver behind species extinction and pollution.

The challenge for the United States is to work tirelessly to help poor countries to improve themselves, to help the people of those countries to make their lives better, and to oppose tyrants whose oppression makes people miserable.  Instead of doing these things, we are on the verge of becoming one of those countries.  The good and decent people of China, like those in Central America, deserve our help and support, but this is not the eighteenth century when this country was largely vacant, and when there was not an immense population seeking entry.

What’s happening now is simply a way for the Democratic Party to outnumber the Republican Party.  It’s sleazy, dishonest, shameful, but quite possibly effective.  And exactly what we deserve for electing the people currently in power.