Personally, I would dislike laws that ban abortion before the embryo becomes a fetus, at about two months from conception (a.k.a. fertilization).   But I would support new laws that generally ban abortion (with limited exceptions) from that transition point to viability, preferably without prior restraints.  That is the policy I recommend, but if it is not possible then I would support a more extensive ban, even before two months.

This stance is based upon my understanding of pre-natal development, and my sense of morality.  I remain truly horrified at the number of pregnancies that are aborted in this country, about half of them after the two-month point. Only a tiny percentage involve rape or health problems.  The main reason is simply that these women, and the men in their lives, want to have sex without babies, so the babies get the ax.

The Constitution obviously says nothing about it, and instead the Supreme Court decided to act like dictators.  The best solution would simply be for them to take their collective foot off the collective neck of their 300 million fellow citizens, and stop twisting the language of Magna Carta (replicated in our Constitution’s Due Process Clause) to suit their own moral values.  This issue is not going away, and the passage of time will not make this grave crime acceptable.

Unfortunately, waiting for the Supreme Court to do the right thing is like waiting for oceans to dry up, and the solution that I described above  is unlikely to ever attract sufficient support to overcome the obstinacy of the judiciary.  There is another way, however…a simple amendment to the Constitution….

“Notwithstanding anything else in the Constitution, the right of male citizens of the United States to vote on the issue of abortion may be denied or abridged on account of sex.  Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”

This would solve the problem.