During this past year, over the course of the primaries, I have heard various pundits, supposedly conservatives, announcing to sycophantic news anchors “the era of Reaganism is dead.” They proclaim that the only salvation for Republicans is to adopt some of the “progressive agenda” and show Americans what government can do for the people.

Aside from the fact that government has an virtually unbroken track record of failure in every area in which it’s involved, these so-called conservative pundits cannot understand that the attempt to show what government can do will result in government showing how much it can control. The phrase itself reminds me of the old Soviet Union. Everyone inside and out knew that things were not going smoothly in the USSR. From long bread lines to lousy medical care, the Soviet people were living in a third world nation. It just appeared that propaganda papers like Pravda were propping up the government and if there were any rational discussion of how government functioned, there would be a second revolution. Along came Gorbachev, and there was an open discussion (glasnost) about government and that was followed by, you guessed it: a revolution.

Today, the ceaseless droning of an agenda-driven media (you just can’t overcome the 95%+ Democrat voting record) has, much like Pravda in days of old, blinded Americans to the realities of life under an all-controlling government. There is no real open discussion about the candidates’ positions. Moreover, to attack a particular candidate whose best friends espouse their hatred for America (by both words and high explosives) one is labeled as racist or bigoted by the media.A case in point. We now know that Barack Obama has proclaimed the need to “redistribute the weath” in this country (he reiterated this as recent as 48 hours ago), but when challenged the candidate and his media allies all call the complaints about such socialism “a diversion” and “code words for rascism.”

No, what is a diversion is Obama’s diverting this nation from the core principles of our precious Constitution, a document which has given liberty to millions, yet is considered by him as “fundamentally flawed.” The flaw? It does nothing to promote socialism!

In response, the Republican party puts forth a candidate which likewise eshews the principles of Reagan and seeks a government take over of most of a national industry. He is not alone, from Trent Lott to Lindsey Graham, to Olympia Snow, to William Weld . . . you get the idea. Even Newt Gingrich himself declared that the Reagan era was “over,” and then he too spewed out that customary code langage for a coming socialism: “we need to find new solutions.” But why? Didn’t the old solution of conservatism work pretty damned good? Didn’t you like the 80s? Or have we forgotten them?

With the troubles of Senator McCain, it is my hope that those who declare Reaganism dead will be, for a season, silenced. Sanity will return to the Republican party, and 2 + 2 will equal 4, as it should. There is no theory of government which trumps individual liberty and freedom from government encroachment. Republicans everywhere should recognize this and return to it.