Senator Obama lives by the “Rules for Radicals” and never waivers during this Presidential Campaign – the average person is blindsided by his eloquent speeches and perceive his words as actual “truth.” It’s important to remember that radicals don’t believe in truth, its non existent and irrelevant.

This explains Obama’s ability to change his stance on issues at any given time – power is maintained through this maneuver, because radicals do and say whatever is necessary to keep their followers content and secure.

He’s changed his economic plan, fuel crisis, and health plan etc. – he jumps from one side of the fence to the other without explanation or reason. His job is to stay united with his followers at all costs!

Obama’s mindset is unlike the average person and he says or does whatever is necessary to keep his followers discontented and angered – to put it bluntly, he uses “poor me” and “pitty parties” as tools for his unorthodox agenda. Truth is never an issue and his followers do look to him as some sort of “savior.”

The radical’s bible exhibits ruthless, devious and at times evil philosophies. Their power is from two sources money and people. Obama has acquired both in the past 20 years as his track record demonstrates his association with the extreme liberalist groups.

Radicals keep their troops in an environment created from fear, anger and confusion – they don’t spend time dwelling on real issues, but concentrate on devious propaganda (off the wall information)

Listen to Obama’s campaign speeches, he works on the emotions of the people, sympathizing with them and gently painting a new picture of what should be and isn’t.

He works on the poor, homeless and low income communities (under 10,000 per year) and constantly fuels their discontent by ruthlessly demeaning the government or his opponents. The Democratic Camp must realize by now, that what he says and what he does is entirely two different things.

There are at least 93 Democrats who are questioning his real leadership abilities and his shady past. Hopefully they will have the strength and wisdom to step forward and remove themselves from these extreme liberalists!

Obama’s community service years wasn’t exactly a Mother Teresa type agenda where money and support was for the betterment of the people. The money Senator Obama passed out was to extreme liberalist and radical organizations for propaganda purposes.

One thing Obama said is true, the money was for education, but he neglected to tell us that this money was to educate children in the “Rules of Radicals.” Listen to his “Robin Hood” impersonation during his debate with Senator McCain always promising to share the wealth, rob from the rich and give to the poor.

That my friends is what radical propaganda is all about! But, remember his voting record is etched in stone and does expose him and his radical philosophies.

Get online and study his voting record in the US Senate if you truly believe he cares about the middle class and poor. Nope, he talks out of both sides of his mouth – one side tells the lies and the other side covers up his real agenda.

This man is a Jekyll and Hyde and a master at ridicule – which creates discontent and anger in his opponents. Ridicule can be a vicious tool when used correctly, it has nothing to do with truth and Obama has been programmed and trained by the “best of the best” in this type defense.

Think about his attacks on Senator McCain as he talks about age, John not understanding the economic crisis or he makes fun of John’s economic recovery plan and his comparison of Senator McCain to President Bush.

McCain isn’t Bush, never was and never will be – he knows exactly what the Republicans and Democrats did the past eight years and John knows how to correct the horrible mistakes that our government has made.

But, Obama keeps his followers busy attacking and creating pressure and his greatest concern is that he does not become the problem, but is always the solution. Look what his 800,000 gift to Acorn is being used for at the voting polls. Yet, he expects the people to believe there isn’t any connection between him and Acorn…

Senator Obama is a master at deception and has the ability to terrorize the opponent via ridicule and personal criticism. He avoids real issues and looks for ways to increase anger, anxiety and discontent in America.

He talks about world class education, health reform and a strong economy without a real plan – his plans are ambiguous and without structure – the plan isn’t important. His job is to continue creating uncertainty, doubt and anxiety without real solutions.

John McCain needs to speak to the people and not play “chess” with Obama Wednesday night. Senator McCain must keep the power in his corner by offering “real solutions to real problems.” Senator McCain needs to give us a step by step plan that we can grasp and get our arms around – Americans will support him and work with him if they are given concrete facts and timelines.

As Always, Annie

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