Give America a real man, one who has the courage to stand toe to toe with the Republicans, Democrats, lobbyists and special interest groups. A man who places “country first” and admires his fellow Americans for their resiliency, creativity and strong family values.

John Maxwell has a perfect description for a good leader, “The first step to leadership is servanthood. and unlike Obama, John Mccain has been a servant for the people and their country. He will reach across the table and work with others. John has proven to Republicans and Democrats that he places country first!

Like Old Henry Ford said, “you can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.” Obama is a “Gonna Do” man without any history of doing or being.

It takes more than a “glib tongue” and a “gonna do” philosophy to lead a country. Why should anyone believe he can step forward and lead parents, grandparents and citizens of the US through our economic crisis?

Show America a man without a past and history – Senator Obama, please step forward.

Show us a man with a despicable Senate voting record – all fingers will point to Obama.

Show my fellow citizens a man who “changes his mind” more than his underwear – 93 Democrats and many Americans will point to Obama.

Show the world a man who buddies around with radicals and terrorist – Obama just raised his hand as he sits huddled with his Acorn camp.

Show the United States a man whose campaign funds have been running amuck – FEC just stepped forward and they aren’t smiling!

Ask the kids against Obama who refuses to call a third trimester infant a human being – yep, once again Mr. Obama has raised both hands.

Show us a President Elect who gave “Acorn” a special 800,000 gift to screw up the polls – all poll officials will point their fingers at Obama & Acorn..

Ask the entrepreneurs and small businesses a man who’s trying to get his hands in their wallet to spread the wealth – they’ll point to Obama and talk about socialism, radicalism and terrorist tactics.

Show me a man, who can’t connect the dots from childhood to maturity and I’ll show you a liar.

Show me a man whose buddies include Reverend Wright, Raines, Jim Johnson, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko and the list goes on and I’ll point to Senator Obama who uses our money to fund radical groups.

America, it’s your call – you are responsible for making one of the most crucial decisions of your lifetime for your children and your country.

“May God Bless America Today and Always.”

As Always, Annie