What will it take to get America’s attention – when will they see the light at the end of the tunnel. Why are they jumping on the bandwagon of radicals and terrorists?

Americans have once again become complacent, the controlled – not the ones in control. Why are they allowing others to think for them, to endanger their children and families?

Why have they allowed themselves to be thrown into the backseat of the bus? What do they really care about and why have they allowed “materialism and self” to be the issues in this Presidential Race?

Americans are undergoing major surgery in 2008; recovery depends entirely on their ability to perceive the real truth along with their decision to pick the right leaders.

The United States has reached a cross road in history and the wrong turn will eventually lead to our Nation’s demise.

Much like the Romans our materialistic, selfish and immoral ways will allow our country to crumble – we’ve been in the midst of political corruption for many years, many moons before President Bush took office.

Our economic crisis goes beyond government and actually started in our own backyards. Americans have chosen other “gods” in the search for happiness and during that interim our children have taken the hit. Parents and children wallow in a false sense of entitlement, which reverts back to a worship of “self.”

Our children have been exposed and trained in the “rules of self.” They have been wired since infancy to expect more and want more. Parents have been blindsided by all the special interest groups (meddlers), peddlers (news media) and the government; parents and grandparents have been thrown into a “fish bowl.”

Parenthood took its major hits during three specific eras in our history, (1) The baby boomers, (2) The women’s movement, and (3) The new child psychology invented by Dr. Spock and colleagues. During these eras, the special interest groups, Supreme Court and liberalists made their moves.

Our children’s education started to be tainted, teachers and schools became the controlled – not the ones in control.

Prayer was pitched, because we were told it was infringing on other’s rights. The Ten Commandments were removed from courthouses and along with all of this morals took one hit after the other. Shacking up, unwed parents, gay marriages etc. are just a few of the things that parents were forced to endure.

Morality and spirituality have been tossed to the wind by the extreme liberalists and radicals – we’re literally in a state of limbo.

Children are the dominant ones and control the families every move. Parents are the workabees who scramble 24/7 in an attempt to keep up with our fast moving high tech society.

We do have rights, no one is going to make a child pray in school – he can twiddle his thumbs, take a walk or shut his ears, but our children have rights too, you know.

No one is going to make anyone read the Ten Commandments, but our forefathers were smart enough to realize that the commandments were important to all – they represented all things related to morality and spirituality and served as a guideline for parents and families whether they believe in god or not…

Now is the time to change the “wheels to nowhere” and as individuals help restore our weak Nation. There are several key issues to consider and American parents and grandparents must take the time to empower themselves with knowledge.

  1. Do you want to live under the “rules of radicals” by Alinsky? Go to www.geocities.com/WallStreet/8925/alinsky.htm

  2. Do you really believe that Obama’s going to reduce taxes for 95% of our population – remember approximately 40% of the American population don’t pay taxes to start with and out of the goodness of your heart you’ll pay for the little bonus check he sends to those not paying taxes (that’s called spreading the wealth.)

  3. Do you know anything about Senator Obama’s past – study his Illinois Senate record(nothing to brag about) – go online and check out his voting record in the US Senate (mainly no-shows and present) and when he did vote it surely wasn’t for the middle class sector, college students or infants!

  4. Do you realize Obama handed out your hard earned money for years to radical groups or don’t you care?

It all boils down to this – would you hire the “Maytag Man” to remodel your house? Of course you wouldn’t, then why would you even consider hiring a man who pals around with crooks, plays around with your money, supports Radical Groups (Obama just gave $ 800,000 to Acorn) and one who believes in “infanticide to be your leader?

Americans are putting a price on their children and family’s heads – by voting for Obama you’re endangering your families and children.

Just the fact that many Americans are admitting that a man’s past, his character, reputation and track record are irrelevant verifies the price they’re willing to pay for the Obama philosophy. “May God Bless Each and Everyone”

As Always, Annie