Traveling back in time to 1995, we hear Mr. Obama raving over his pastor Mr. Wright followed with a statement that’s rather hard to believe or stomach. Obama said Mr. Wright was a wonderful man and the best that the black church had to offer.

Where does that leave all of the awesome black ministers who don’t damn America, don’t condone killing babies in the third trimester, nor do they condone socialism?

The next few years were blissfully quiet and nice for Mr. Obama and Mr. Wright – Obama listened and Wright preached. During these years the teacher shaped the student leading him down the wrong trail, but never the less leading him.

Mr. Obama’s defense for his pastor was rather feeble when saying he couldn’t disown his preacher friend anymore than he could disown his white grandmother, who raised him. So what we have here is a racial slur in reverse comparing black to white or something like that…

In March 2008, Barack Obama was placed on the hot seat by the news media and Obama found it necessary to disown his mentor, counselor and pastor of 20 years; Obama stated that he vehemently disagrees and condemns Reverend Wright’s statements about God _ _ _ _ America.

This is a separation between two men that would appear to be final and America was proud of Obama for being so forthright, honest and sincere. But Wright didn’t go away and Mr. Obama was faced with a real dilemma. Trinity United Church was busy correcting their black value system online, hoping that would put their members back in good standing.

Mr. Obama in his attorney two step said 20 years under the same roof with Reverend Wright was merely a coincidence. In other words, he attended the Trinity United Church but didn’t pay any attention to the racial slurs of Reverend Wright or his message of hate about Americans.

Hard to believe that Reverend Wright and Mr. Obama were two strangers just meeting in the dark occasionally for a little chit chat.

Americans were a little confused about the Obama/Wright association, but within a few weeks the Presidential superstar was off and running again minus Mr. Wright. So the hat “guilty by association” is one that Obama refused to own…

Obama pleaded his relationship with Reverend Wright as poor judgment on his part and vowed to change Churches ASAP. One must question a man who is preparing to lead our country about his character and reputation for he’s been known to have tea parties with terrorists and secret negotiations behind closed doors with foreign countries. A man who lacks good judgment probably isn’t what America needs as a leader.

Fast forward to November 2008, approximately eight months have passed since Obama disowned Reverend Wright and now Obama is thumbing his nose at America announcing that Wright will offer his swearing in invocation on January 20, 2009. Obama says this will begin the healing process of the racial differences in America.

Obama’s new Chief of Staff ( Rahm Emmanuel) offers a blunt message that the divorce between Wright/Obama has been called off and the two honey mooners are holding hands once again.

Rahm Emmanuel shoots us a newsflash stating this is “an indication of how President-elect Obama will rule our country. Sounds like we need to listen to the Chief of Staff, “when in Rome do as the Romans do.”

Lets dissect this news, Obama disowned and denounced Reverend Wright in March 2008. David Axelrod served as the hatchet man for Obama; he told Wright to get lost until November 5th, 2008.

My guess is David Axelrod talked Wright into an 8 month paid leave of absence, if he would hide in a closet and keep his mouth shut until November 5th 2009. Like the good little boy, he’s not, Wright took his jammies, lolly pop and stowed away as asked.

So there you have it folks, Obama and Wright are back! “May God Bless America.” See you later @

As Always, Annie