Does China Own US or Owe US – Hush Money?

Consider the following article by Joel Brinkley, published Sunday, April 25, 2010:

This month, federal auditors published a study on “efforts to quantify the economic effects of counterfeit and pirated goods.” Over 36 single-spaced pages, the Government Accountability Office demonstrated that it’s impossible to know how much money is lost, how many jobs are eliminated, how much economic damage piracy actually causes.

What are the implications of a large, powerful, expansive country that conducts orchestrated attacks via economic means on its largest trading partner? It would seem a precursor to war. And yet, that same nation supplements its crippled foe with trillions of its own currency designed keep afloat a sinking ship. Prolonging the agony of a beaten man is cruel punishment. See Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia. China is moving in for the knockout.

All of that raises the question: How many diplomatic, political and commercial affronts is the rest of the world expected to accept from China before deciding that it is simply a renegade state?

There is a term for this: Hush money – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which describes a criminal enterprise built on bribery. I’m sure you are familiar with the mafia-mentality and these tactics.

What is the solution to bribery? There is only one. Expose it. Refuse the play the game and expose the lie for what it is. Demonstrate power while you still have it because the lie is predicated on the illusion of weakness in the opponents mind. As long as you still have leverage you may use it. Once you are compromised there is no going back. Checkmate is only a matter of moves.

China is paying the US government hush money to shut up and allow US private industry to be destroyed. This is not a matter of individuals downloading music. This is state sponsored piracy the kind that was Casus belli 200 years ago. See First Barbary War – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Will we continue to go along to get along?