When I watch football on Sunday, it quickly becomes apparent to me, when one position is not being covered well by the opposing team. There’s a mismatch and everytime a play is run, this ‘pair’ is always a problem. It allows the other team to score or at least gain points.

Why then is the Republican majority already peppering the field with bad photo ops of all male chairmanships vs Democrat women who are the highest ranking minority member on these committees?

Who decided not match as many committees with Republican women or Hispanics vs. the Democrats who are pushing women into the second seat so the match up makes it look awful……….for Republicans.

I’m not arguing for racial or sexist outcomes but surely – all committee chairmen being men is somewhat strange considering the amazing talent of the women we have in congress. I have to ponder a deeper meaning – Boehner/Cantor – are they politicizing this process to a good old boy network? Are they too unaware of the terrible lense through which this would be viewed? If its either, then they are out of touch with how the media works or they’re playing politics – neither of which we need at this moment.

Here’s the problem: All republican males are committee chairman.  A photo op that the other side will be happy to showcase every time it gets a chance. Just by having the male vs. female on the news shows for common people will automatically increase the perception that the Republican party is not female friendly.

Its a bad move because frankly I’m tired of playing defense and being mowed over on the field. I’d rather have a match up of 2 women from the same committee – where our message is heard instead of discarded because of the republican messenger being male and discounted out of hand. Its a sad truth that the medium of the message is as important as the message itself. We need to understand that if we’re to fight the fight on their ground…..and it is their ground.