Today is Thanksgiving, a day I personally love. It represents a day of faith, family, friends, food, fun, and football. It also marks the beginning of the holiday season. As I watch the Lions, eternally hopeful they pull out a win, I revel in my fortuity and marvel at my wonderful family. Despite the relentlessly bombardment of negativity, even as the liberals maintain their endless campaign to destroy the family values this great country was founded upon, I can’t help but to be thankful.

Obviously, much of my gratitude comes from my adoring wife, our terrific children, the love and support of our immediate family, and the relationships with our amazing friends and colleagues. On this Thanksgiving, I’m also reminded how lucky we are to have a President in the Whitehouse fighting for this country, it’s founding principles, and my family’s values.

Believe it or not, I’m not trying to make this political and I’m trying to keep this article succinct. I’ve divulged to all of you my lack of support for the President during the 2016 elections but he has convinced me I was wrong to doubt his conservative convictions. For all of you on the right, who are struggling to support Donald J. Trump, it’s time you think about all the progress this President has made and all the times he stood firm for our principles.

Any other Republican President would currently own a 20% approval rating thanks to our fair and unbiased media. No other Republican would go toe to toe with the media like Trump has. Any other Republican would have forced Kavanaugh to withdraw his nomination immediately after the first allegations surfaced, a calculation the Dems were counting on. Lastly, no other Republican would have put the effort into barnstorming for the GOP like Trump did in 2018. Something I would argue was paramount in increasing our leads in the Senate.

It’s great to have someone fighting back against the lunatic left and their media lapdogs. It’s amazing to have someone in our corner, managing our fight against the constant onslaught perpetrated on our values. It’s comforting to hear someone rebuke the shear idiocies being promulgated by would be Republicans and Democrats alike. Lastly, it’s incredible knowing we have someone in the Whitehouse, who understands and is devoted to protecting the basic foundation that made this country that shining city on a hill. This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful to have Donald J. Trump as our President.