How many times have we heard, if it only saves one life? For anyone who pays any attention to the gun control debate, you know precisely what I’m referencing. In 2013, Barack Hussein Obama tweeted, “If we save even one life from gun violence, it’s worth it. Tell Congress.” The rabid left fomenting legislation to stop mass murderers in their tracks, always argue that saving one life is worth stripping the entire country of their 2nd amendment rights. Yet, experts postulate most of their sweeping measures would do little if nothing to minimize these tragic events we’ve come to experience at the hands of psychopaths. At this very moment, a state legislator from Connecticut is advocating for raising taxes on ammunition in an attempt to, you guessed it, save just one life.

How can these same Democrats, who make this absurd plea, blatantly ignore border security and the President’s proposed wall, yet not consider their own argument? While mass shootings have tragically become common place throughout the United States, murder and other heinous crimes perpetrated against U.S. citizens by illegal immigrants have become even more pervasive. Every week an illegal destroys the lives of American families while there are real solutions we could implement to prevent these abhorrent crimes, yet the Democrats don’t care. Everyday, copious amounts of drugs cross our souther border, killing our loved ones, and the Democrats refuse to acknowledge the problem.

Most conservatives understand this because they have a firm grasp on what we know are liberal narratives. The Democrats don’t exercise this argument uniformly because it won’t advance their agenda where it matters. I’m not going to delve into why the liberals want open borders, anyone paying attention what occurred in 2016 and their dynamic political shift left, understand their need to replace their voting base. However, given Governor Northam’s comments on abortion, people need to re-evaluate how they can humanely support the Democrat party.

The Dems claim to represent the people who don’t have a voice. They purport to be the voice of humans who are ignored by society or who cannot defend themselves. Liberals have clung to this mantra and reiterate it to their minority voting blocks relentlessly by decrying white privilege and societal oppression. They claim to be the their only avenue to voice their plight imposed on them for centuries. Yet, this is the same party, who only a few days ago, advocated murdering live children; taking abortion beyond the walls of the uterus and to the limitless breadth of the world to which they are born. A life who cannot defend itself from the external executioners who are willing to snuff them out for what ever concocted rational is legitimized through a party line vote by their Democrat representation.

How can voters ignore this sheer ugliness that I never thought I would have to write about in my lifetime? This notion you can bring a human being into this spectrum we know as life, and make a selfish decision to commit murder because it’s been legalized by the party of evil, is absolutely disgusting to me. Moreover, the governor who advanced this notion, is being criticized and urged to step down for something he did more than 30 years ago, yet the fact no one is offended by his passive suggestion of infanticide is even more repugnant. My God, what planet are we living on? I want to urge everyone who believes life is important, please consider there are measures your government should take that will protect the most vulnerable people amongst us. Ask yourself, is the party you believe to be the most compassionate, doing everything in their power to protect those who can’t protect themselves? Is your Democrat party doing its duty to protect all of our citizens, or just those who prove to be politically expedient to their narrative?