2,737 is an awesome number. I mean, check out these interesting facts:H.R. 2737, The Health Care Relief Act of 2007 would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow previously uninsured individuals a refundable credit for health insurance costs and to provide tax incentives to encourage small business health plans.

2737 Kotka is a Main-belt Asteroid discovered on February 22, 1938 by Y. Vaisala at Turku.

In SA 2737, Tar-Calmacil becomes eighteenth king of Númenor.

People living in 2,737 BC would have to wait 22 years for the Old Kingdom to start in Ancient Egypt (although it is debated that this started much later).

I’m reaching here…

Oh yeah, it’s the exact number of books Speaker Pelosi has sold! (H/T)

(Pelosi’s book) is dramatically overshadowed by the first high profile anti-Obama book, OBAMA NATION, which debuts at #1 on both the BOOKSCAN and the NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller List, with 21,466 copies moved.

That’s just bloody hilarious!

Have I forgotten any notable reference to the number 2,737?


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