The subject of our troops is a personal one for me. You see, I am in love with a soldier.Sure we all may have had family in the military. My Grandfather was an Army MP in Germany shortly after the war. My father never join the military, but he confessed to me that he wished he had when he was younger. My dad was also young for Vietnam. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to join the military, but it never crossed his path. My sister was, until recently, an officer in the US Navy.

I myself tried to join the Army. However I am not much of a runner and couldn’t pass the run part of the physical. I could do the push-ups and the sit-ups, but the run always got me. My First Sergent said there is no shame in failing, because that is what Basic is all about. I’ve resign myself to being a productive member of society in order to serve my country.

Never did I expect to fall in love with a soldier myself. I’ll call her DragonGate, because that is what I call her online. Such a pretty name?

I first meet her on a forum sometime in 2006 ((Jeez, has it really been that long?)). At that time she was in college and not really enjoying herself there. She once let her roommates dress her up and this was the result. Then, I lost contact with her. “Such is life” I thought to myself and went on with my life.

Several months go by and out of nowhere she tells me that she had joined the Army and is in South Korea. DragonGate had join up in the Signal Corps ((“Talk all you want about Signal Corps, but you can’t talk without us! Hoo-Raa!”)) which, surprisingly, was the same job I had sign-up for when I tried to join the Army. It was at this time that I started to have feelings for DragonGate. She return state-side last August.

Up until this point, I have not publicly shared my feelings about her. I think she knows, but won’t call me out on it. I love her and I have not even meet her yet. This will change on the first of December when I go visit her ((Click here and help me pay for this trip, thanks.)) and tell DragonGate how I really feel. She can easily pick some hunky Army guy and I have nothing to offer her except my devotion and my love.

That is what this Veteran’s Day means to me. So when you talk down about our troops, you talk down about the love of my life.

“Wars come and go, but my soldier stay eternal.”

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