You have heard the story before. Hugo Chavez or Vladimir Putin arresting or prosecuting their main rival for their job. You think to yourself that this will never happen here in the US. That this ugliness, if it does happen, would be front page news. You can almost imagine the outrage at Obama even hinting at doing this toward Palin.

Well, it’s going on right here in Florida:

On Monday, Crist asked the U.S. attorney in Tallahassee to probe credit-card use by party officials, including Greer. Former House Speaker Marco Rubio, who’s running against Crist in the U.S. Senate primary, also had a party credit card.

((I could go into how this veto looks like payback by Crist to the RPOF for their slow abandonment of him, but I won’t.))

When I saw this line, I almost spit up my coffee. A US Attorney, working at the pleasure of Barack Obama, is asked by Charlie Crist to probe Marco Rubio? And there is no conflict of interest here?

Dirty pool, my friends. Maybe the US Attorney should also look into Charlie Crist as well…

But now comes news that Crist’s campaign benefited from questionable payments from the Florida party’s American Express account. The Crist campaign reimbursed the party account by $17,000, which may violate federal limits on what a party can advance a candidate.

You know what they say about glass houses. Uncle Crist should get his stuff in order before throwing them at Marco Rubio.

Update: More background on the whole RPOF Credit Card Issue by muckraker. Great article that even I missed. Highly recommended read.