If there was ever a kindred spirit across the pond, it resides in Daniel Hannan:

When writing about the United States, British columnists tend to take their cue from the American Left. So it is hardly surprising that the Tea Party Movement should be seen in this country, as a) a rabble of unreconstructed racist rednecks or b) a gang of dupes being manipulated by wealthy Republicans.

Tea Partiers can take comfort that the original Tea Party in 1773 was written off in similar terms. The protestors were said to be a) drunken sailors augmented by vagabonds and Mohawk Indians or b) a gang of dupes being manipulated by Samuel Adams and his conspirators. In fact, as we now know, they represented the spirit of a nation.

Read it all. More on the UK Tea Party Movement by Daniel Hannan.

A little background on Daniel Hannan. He is a MEP (Member of the European Parliament) from South East England since 1999 (re-elected in 2004). He first came to our attention on March 24, 2009 when he blasted Gordon Brown on the floor of the European Union. He also opposes the Lisbon Treaty.

This guy is more Republican than most Republicans here. His motto “Carthago Delenda Est” in referring to the Lisbon Treaty, gives him more guts than some of our leaders (ie, Mitch McConnell) have or would express. If I could make this guy President of the United States, I would in a heartbeat. However our loss is Europe’s gain.