Obama just can’t catch a break in Asia, can he? Via Ace Of Spades:

Russia has long dreamed of evicting the United States from Central Asia and a Russian official said on Thursday that Moscow would urge the interim Kyrgyz government to shut the U.S. base.

Suspicions of the Kremlin’s hand in the unrest were raised when Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin became the first world leader to recognize the authority of the self-proclaimed government, just hours after it took power.

Washington has been more guarded, refusing to endorse either President Kurmanbek Bakiyev or the self-proclaimed government leaders, some of whom have already raised the specter of shutting the base.

“Russia was very quick to act. Both China and the U.S., by comparison, were caught on the hop,” said Nick Day, chief executive of business intelligence firm Diligence LLC.

“Russia is going to dominate Kyrgyzstan and that means problems for the U.S,” he said. “Russia will use this as a lever in negotiations with America.”

Even after all the resetting of relations with Russia, Putin is willing to give Obama a black eye. Honestly, Barack Obama has bungle foreign policy from day one. Obama and Putin are playing two different games, and it shows. Obama is looking to get along with everyone and Putin is all about how much he can screw Obama until he is voted out of office.

The only thing Obama has not screwed up so far, and this is a big surprise, is Iraq. From his campaign, you would think that Iraq would be the first place to go to hell in a hand basket. Instead, it’s been Afghanistan. I am not taking Hamid Karzai’s side, but can we please have a grown-up in the White House? And if Afghanistan isn’t salvageable, let’s get out of there and close the Manas Air Base (Kyrgyzstan doesn’t seem to want our $60 Million for the base and I don’t want to give it to them).

If Obama is resigned to a nuclear Iran, he should just come out and say it. Canceling the Missile Shield and signing the Nuke START Treaty with Russia has not gained us a friend or they would be helping us convince Kyrgyzstan to keep the Manas Air Base open. No, instead Russia (along with it’s new puppet government in Kyrgyzstan) is calling for its closer and Iran is now operating third generation centrifuges.

I think it is now safe to say that Obama’s foreign policy is a complete failure and we still have two and half years with this man-child. I hope the closing of the Manas Air Base will become a rallying cry for the Senate to defeat the START Treaty. Following Daniel Hannan’s example in using the immortal words of Marcus Porcius Cato (The Elder):

“Carthago Delenda Est”