Now wouldn’t this just make my day (via Hot Air):

LeMieux, who ran Crist’s past campaigns, served as his chief of staff at one point and has largely been seen as Crist’s top political advisor, now has his own political career to consider. Appointed to replace ex-Sen. Mel Martinez (R) last year, LeMieux is said to be taking a serious look at challenging Sen. Bill Nelson (D) in ’12.

But LeMieux now has a choice to make: If Crist bolts the GOP and runs as an independent, LeMieux will have to decide between backing his old friend and angering the very GOP primary voters he’ll need in ’12, or sticking with the party and throwing his pal overboard.

Sources close to LeMieux said they believe he has made his decision, and that he will stick with the party over the person. LeMieux has talked the decision over with his advisors and staff, and they believe LeMieux would endorse ex-FL House Speaker Marco Rubio (R) if Crist makes his switch official.

Bolding mine. I suggest reading the whole thing.

Honestly, I’ve been worried about LeMieux’s involvement in this race. However since I have learn he wants to run himself in 2012, I no longer worry about him becoming an Obama stamp while he warms the seat for Rubio.

I agree with Ed Morrissey that this will make Crist a very lonely man if he goes independent. However LeMieux has nothing to worry about by endorsing Rubio, for it will cripple Crist beyond spin. Heck, if I was LeMieux, I would already throw Crist overboard and endorse Marco Rubio. I say put the death-nail into Charlie Crist’s already dying campaign to force him to make a choice.