Honestly, I don’t blame President Viktor Yanukovych:

Ukraine: No Genocide By Russia In ‘Great Hunger’

Strasbourg, France (AP) – In a major turnabout in Ukrainian policy, new President Viktor Yanukovych says the 1930s Stalinist famine that killed millions should not be considered genocide against Ukrainians because it targeted its victims indiscriminately.

Yanukovych told the Council of Europe on Tuesday that he considered the famine “a shared tragedy” of all people who were all part of the Soviet Union, then led by Joseph Stalin.

Yanukovych’s stance is a complete shift from that of his predecessor, pro-Western president Viktor Yushchenko, who sought to have the famine recognized as genocide against Ukrainians.

Since being elected in February, Yanukovych has sought closer ties with Russia.

I mean really, who doesn’t want closer relations with Russia? And besides, who wants to talk about genocide? Can’t we just let bygones be bygones?

Again, I don’t blame President Viktor Yanukovych. With Obama unable or unwilling to stand up to Russia or calling the Armenian Genocide for what it is, Yanukovych has one of two choices: Stand alone against Russia and hope Vladimir Putin doesn’t rain down fiery death upon his country or become Putin’s next best friend. When you live next door to the KGB, you don’t want to piss them off. On that note, the KGB is making a not so shocking return.

At this rate we will have no allies left in the world by the time we are able to kick Obama out of the White House. However there is no need to get overly upset about this people, if you did not see it coming then you haven’t been paying attention. Like the old saying goes:

“Don’t get mad, get even!”