Just on the off chance, mostly because of the primaries yesterday, I wanted to update the race between Dick* Nugent and Jason Sager. There have been slight details in the Republican race that needs updating.

I have to say that I am still not impressed with Nugent. He has gotten a website up, but there is a problem:

All in all, there’s a feeling he slipped up by occasionally referring to himself by his real first name, “Rich,” rather than his adopted one, “Sheriff,” and that he couldn’t manage to somehow work the S-word into the web address: nugentforcongress.com.

His Democratic opponent, Jim Piccillo, thinks that this display of his title and especially of his donation icon/ badge is a violation of the federal Hatch Act, which prohibits public employees whose departments receive federal funds from using their “official authority or influence to interfere with or affect the results of an election or nomination.”

After talking to a representative from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, I don’t think so. And if it is a violation, it probably won’t be for long. Nugent said he decided Thursday to take the icon off the site to “avoid any gnashing of teeth.”

Okay, but it does make you want to look again at why Nugent is so determined to hang on to his job as sheriff.

Because he can fall back onto his job once he is defeated.

Alright, several things about Nugent’s site: He hasn’t removed the sheriff tags as of yet. Seeing as it took him forever to put up a site, it might take him forever to change them. There is a random pic generator that will show him with different people, one of them Marco Rubio. If I was Marco Rubio, I would be piss at this point in time. Nugent has taken Ginny Brown-Waite’s method of using a static campaign website. His Facebook (as linked from his own website) has Japanese Writing on it (I mean honestly, is he running for Japan’s 5th or what?) and his Twitter page is about as boring as his campaign so far, empty. Note that he uses “sheriff” in the twitter url. I’ll give you five to one odds he wears his sheriff’s uniform during the debate.

So yeah, Sheriff Nugent bores me. I still don’t know what this guy is all about. However Jason Sager keeps amazing me:

Ronald Reagan Republican Assembly Of Florida Endorsment For Jason Sager

Jason Sager has been endorsed by the Ronald Reagan Republican Assembly of Florida.

The Ronald Reagan Republican Assembly of Florida examines the principles and values of republican candidates. They adhere strictly to those values and principles of Ronald Reagan. They have a vetting process they use to determine whether or not a candidate meets the criteria to be endorsed by their organization. Jason Sager, was vetted by the RRRAF recently and met the requirements needed to be considered a true conservative candidate of the Republican Party. His endorsement is an honor.

Awesome deal. Jason is still going out and meeting people. In fact, he is attending a Support Arizona Rally in Eustis (about an hour’s drive from where I am at) and will be heading over there to see him again. I like the fact he’s getting out here to Lake County like I suggested. Hernando Today also has a write up about Jason Sager.

Again, I call on the people to support Jason Sager. Every election counts, every election matters. Sheriff Nugent is a RINO and if he is elected, it will take forever to get him out. Let us stand with the real Republican, let us Stand With Sager!!


*Short for Richard. I will never get tried of calling him Dick.