I’ve heard some wappers in my time, but Dick* Nugent just told a big one! Here is the video, see if you can spot the lie. If not, the answer will be below the jump:

Orlando Sentinel Interviews Richard Nugent

Can you tell when he lies through his teeth? I have been following this race from day one (well, more like three days later, but I was still all over it!) and I can spot the lie as soon as he starts into it.

About two minutes into the video, Dick* Nugent was asked about the stunt involved in him getting into the race.

In the interview, Nugent suggests it was done quickly or spur-of-the-moment deal. That Ginny Brown-Waite called him once in March and then didn’t hear back from her until just before the deadline. That’s not what he said in May:

[He] deferred to Brown-Waite on how to make it happen.

“It was her seat,” Nugent said. “Out of respect to her, we did it her way.”

He wasn’t really apologetic either. Telling us we needed to move on. This is the timeline as we once knew it:

U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, who has represented much of Lake County since she was first elected in 2002, called Hernando County Sheriff Richard Nugent late one night in March and asked him if he had considered running for Congress. He hadn’t.

Brown-Waite, a Brooksville Republican, planned to retire due to health concerns, and she wanted him to run in her place, Nugent told the Orlando Sentinel.

By April 24, after long days of consideration and prayer, Nugent said he decided he’d run for her District 5 seat, which also covers parts of Citrus, Hernando, Levy, Marion, Pasco, Polk and Sumter counties. But it wasn’t until Friday that Brown-Waite, who had an easy time in previous re-election races, announced her surprise plan to retire and leave her seat up for grabs – minutes after the qualifying deadline. She immediately issued a statement expressing her support for Nugent.

In that May article, Ginny Brown-Waite called him in March and told him she was retiring. Not that this was a maybe, but a declaration of intent on her part to retire. In the video interview, he says he didn’t hear from Ginny for some time and again, no hint of this was in the May article. But again the biggest lie, was the fact that everything just so happen that everything came together for Ginny’s announce retirement and him entering the campaign on the day of qualifying. The May article made clear that they both knew SIX WHOLE DAYS before the deadline, there is no walking this back.

To sum up: Nugent is now trying to spin his deceptive entry into the race and he’s still not apologizing for his actions (he instead regrets** them, but thinks he did nothing wrong).


PS: Nugent still hasn’t made it clear why he is running for office. So far, his only answer is that Ginny Brown-Waite asked him to run. Jason Sager got into this race (knowing full well he most likely couldn’t win against Ginny Brown-Waite) because of the Progressive Politician who is currently in office. Sager already has ideas as to what he wants to do and is not scared to talk about them.

PPS: Stand With Sager (CAN-R-FL-05)

*Clearly earned nick-name after today.

**A Politician tactic if I ever saw one.