The recent ruling of a judge in Massachusetts will most likely bring the issue of marriage to the forefront and I want to get my two cents in.

I will not lie to you, I am not a social conservative. I’m more libertarian/moderate in my views. Unless you are hurting someone, then the government’s role stops at your front door. However I can also understand the right’s view of marriage and I cannot ignore their very good argument. At the same time we cannot go down the failed concept of separate but equal.

Let me be brutally honest with you. Since Henry VIII got his hands on marriage, it hasn’t been the same. We all know the story. Henry didn’t get a son from his first wife and so he wanted a divorce. Rome at the time didn’t think that was a good enough reason and so did not oblige the King of England. So Henry threw a fit and cut off relations with Rome. He then set up the Church of England and made himself head of a religion, thus why we have separation of church and state here in America. However we made the same mistake of making what should be a religious institution, a state institution.

Henry VIII’s legacy is damning. Today, marriage has more to do with politicians and lawyers than your local clergy. Marriage has become a joke and vows are ignored. It’s bottom of the barrel nonsense and you know it. The state has taken something good and twisted it into something rotten. I find it poetic that California’s proposition shared a title with the man who destroyed marriage.

Again, I want to put out the idea of Civil Unions for everyone. If Marriage is religious institution, let’s give marriage back to church/temple/mosque and let them marry anyone they want. Let politicians and lawyers deal with Civil Unions and leave marriage a sacred religious institution. I want to make it clear that I don’t think people should stay married if they don’t love each other. I am saying that a priest is more willing to save a marriage than the government, because it is way to easy to get a divorce through the state. They don’t care if you stayed married, because lawyers make too much money on divorce and many politicians are lawyers. Give everyone Civil Unions and let’s be done with it.

If the gay community is still up in arms after getting the equal rights they have wanted, then they are just in it to annoy the religious right and we can call them on it. At the rate they are going, they may force the rest of us to make a constitutional amendment the way they are losing the argument.

So let me recap: Civil Unions for everyone, including straight people. At the same time we give the protection to the local church/temple/mosque to marry anyone they want or don’t want. This is not a compromise, but a solution where everyone is happy.