Well, then numbers are out and it’s time again to play: Follow The Money!

This time, we look at the money coming into both Jason Sager (CAN-R-FL-05) and Richard Nugent’s (CAN-R?-FL-05) campaign. They are both running for the Republican Nomination for Florida’s Fifth Congressional District. We will take a look at FEC’s offical web site and the numbers listed there. We will also see who is brought by spacial interest and who is supported by the people.

Richard Nugent

If there ever was a political candidate bought and paid for by special interest, it’s Richard Dick* Nugent. Now in the interest of fairness, I will only list figures directly from the FEC Disclosure Report website. I have learn a couple of things not listed on the site, but I will note them as unconfirmed.

Now, for committees that have given to Dick* Nugent as presented by the FEC:

Action Committee For Rural Electrification (ACRE) = $2,000

ACRE supports congressional candidates, regardless of party, who share public policy goals that are consistent with the mission of member-owned electric cooperatives. Note that utility co-ops were created by the New Deal to bring electric power and telephone service to rural areas. I personally don’t have issue one way or the other about co-ops, but Nugent would most likely support the co-ops with federal funds.

Association Of Medical Device Reprocessors PAC = $500

Let’s just say this is the first of many Washington DC PACs.

DIMEPAC = $3,874

Hey, our first Labor PAC donation! Good job securing the labor vote, Nugent! Moving on…

Every Republican Is Crucial (ERICPAC) = $5,000

I am told this is Eric (get it, ERICPAC?) Cantor’s leadership PAC. Please Eric, tell me that this isn’t so?

Majority Committee (MC) PAC = $2,000

Kevin McCarthy’s leadership PAC.

New Pioneers PAC = $1,000

Greg Walden’s leadership PAC.

SunTrust Bank’s Good Government Group, Florida = $1,500

Hey, did SunTrust get bailout money? Yes they did!

And of course Ginny Brown-Waite (believer in the “Living Constitution”) gave him $4,000. In fact, Dede Scozzafava got a lot of the same money while she was running. So we got Washington DC Insiders, Labor, Banks, and of course Republican Leadership have paid, in full, for Dick* Nugent. This begs the question, does he really have the support of the people or Washington DC?

Jason Sager

Now then, let’s look at all the committees and special interest who gave to Jason Sa

Umm, none I guess. Well, I bet you a hundred bucks he is being funded by individual people all over the United States

Drats. I would have lost that bet big time. A small business owner, a homemaker, some retirees, all from Florida and all seem from within the district.

Again, this is just a snap-shoot from FEC’s own website. However the numbers are damning. Richard Nugent is getting money, not from the people, but from Washington DC. Jason Sager is getting what little money he has, from the people. This is why I Stand With Sager (CAN-R-FL-05).

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*Just calling it like I see it people.