Only in America, where we will shoot our foot to spite our nose. Right now, the fight over NASA has taken an ugly turn:

The U.S. Senate appeared to have cobbled together a compromise with the White House concerning NASA’s immediate future as of late last week, but a new House Science Committee bill might undermine those dealings. The House proposal does not include an extra shuttle flight as the Senate compromise did, and it explicitly calls for a renewed commitment to develop the canceled Constellation program for deep space technologies like the Ares I rocket and the Orion crew capsule.

I will be brutally honest with you, my stomach turns whenever I hear the word “NASA” cross my path. It has gone from a great institution to… well. Let’s look at Obama’s checkered past with NASA:

Obama said he would support human mission back to the moon by 2020. It was a exciting time in Florida, even before Obama got into office. The Constellation Program was awesome big news and there seemed to be an update story in the paper once a week.

Then came reality, Obama canceled the Constellation Program. A collective silence fell over Florida as we all asked the same question… What?

I mean, holy hell, we had already tested the Ares 1 Rocket! Who cared that it worked! Let’s throw all that money and hard work down the drain! Not only was Constellation a way to get us to the Moon, but it was to replace the Shuttle in every way.

They want NASA to start over with even less money and crawl to Russia to get to the ISS. I mean, they still use the Soyuz Spaccraft over there! Clearly the people over in Russia have their act together! Why is it that we can’t keep using the same family of spacecraft for forty-four years like they do?!

Then the whole “NASA Outreach To Muslims” debacle. I am not going into that, because that was just plain insane.

Now even more confusion as the House wants to throw even chaos into the mix. I can’t take it anymore. Space is looking further away with each passing day.

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