I thought one of the more brutal lessons learn about WWII was that Appeasement doesn’t work with authoritarians, but here they are beating that drum. I guess I was wrong.

Up until last night, Frank Luntz has been posting pro-Russian propaganda tweets like this:

Spear me. In resonse to being pointed out that Obama unilaterally dismantled the missile defense system in Europe, Frank Luntz actually defended Obama:

What happens if he starts lobbing missles at us now? For a person who wrote “It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear” as the sub-title to his own book, he is incredibly tone deaf to his own tweets.

Over at Ace Of Spades HQ, Andrew McCoy thinks we are not thinking Russian here:

Whether we like it or not, Russia sees itself as having real and important interests in Ukraine. That they protect them in ways that we don’t like doesn’t factor into the conversation.

So assuming that Putin succeeds in Crimea and in either taking over the rest of Ukraine or installing leadership friendlier to his vision (and he will because he has real interests at stake, while while we have nebulous concepts to defend), what’s next? Let’s not kid ourselves about Putin and his project. He wants to pull back as much of the non-NATO aligned old Soviet Empire as possible. And he’s going to be successful for the most part because we in the west don’t really care.


But there are limits to how far he can push us and we need to make it clear to him what they are … NATO aligned countries like the Baltic nations, Poland and The Czech Republic.

I don’t think Putin is crazy enough to try and pull the Baltics back inside a reconstituted Russian empire or have enough to offer to lure former Warsaw Pact nations into his customs union. We need to make it clear to him treaty obligation nations are a wholly different matter.

Like the the Munich Agreement? Amirite?

Frank Luntz, Andrew McCoy, and other American conservatives who agree with them should know better. We have spent the better part of the last decade (and then some) denouncing appeasement and here it is rearing its ugly head among our ranks. I honestly can’t believe I have to call out our own on this subject.

However when I did call out Andrew McCoy on his appeasement stance, he responded:

McCoy is sounding like Barack Obama on Iran (“either we make a deal with Iran or we go to war”) with that false choice. What Andrew is suggesting in his blog post is that if we give the Russians breathing room in Crimea/Ukraine, then they’ll leave the rest of us alone. We thought the Munich Agreement did for the Nazis, but we all know how that turned out. If we give one inch to the Russians, they’ll (eventally) take a mile.

Let me clue Frank Luntz, Andrew McCoy, and their ilk in on a little secert: It’s a false choice because WWIII is happening, even if we give Crimea/Ukraine over to the Russians. I personally rather not give Putin an inch until then. History is rather blanetly repeating itself and some would prefer to make the same mistakes. History will look poorly on us, much like it looks poorly on Neville Chamberlain, if we decide to go down that appeasement path.

UPDATE: And just to prove my point: Is Moldova Next?