Sometime after our divorce was finalized, I asked my ex wife to agree to an annullment. Why not? According to her I am responsible for the Black Plague. Control freak type II that she is, she said no, because she would not have our children be considered illegitimate by the Church. After supplying documentation that this would not be the case. She raised another objection. I supplied documentation showing that her concern was not valid. She raised another, same response from me. Then she started to supply me with information from a website that talked about what the church used to say about annullments. This was not an official Church site. It was not a site about what the Church currently says. After I pointed this out, she said she didn’t care — this was the site she was going to rely on and that was that.

Substitute gloabl warming, free markets, gun ownership, etc. for annullment.

I already knew better than to even try. One time, I wanted to save her 5 hours on the road during our Thanksgiving kid swap. She would have been at her home with the kids earlier than if we met at our normal location. She would have only had to drive 5 minutes form her house to get them. She said no, she would rather drive that far than make my planned trip convenient for me.

Why do we conservatives keep trying with the libs?

We have to ignore them. We have to go on with our own lives and work to improve our society. We will accomplish this not by answering every ludicrous accusation that they make. We will accomplish this not by answering their criticisms. If they benefit from our work, so be it. Our calling is not to win against the libs, it is to improve the world through what we know is the right way.