Obviously, I suppose, my first marriage was doomed. We had a world view incompatibilty situation. As my signature line indiactes, I do believe that none of us are without sin. I think that in any relationship there are sins of commission, ommission, and acquiescense. Sometimes we commit the wrong, sometimes we ignore, often without realizing it, the other party or our responsibilities, and sometimes we just give in to their demands because we get tired of fighting.

It is the tendency to acquiesce that I think is inherent in all of us that I fear means any form of democracy may be doomed.

We who desire to live in a state of freedom tend to not desire to have power over others. Those who desire power tend to run for office. Adverse selection?

If we were to get to some point of Constitutional freedom, most of us would say ok — let’s get to work on our lives. But then the power seekers would start the process of incrementalizing the power grab of the governing types. We being peaceable types would argue for freedom, but compromise a little, then later more compromise, then …

The Constitution is a depressing read these days, but more depressing is to read the Ant-Federalist papers. Patrick Henry et.al predicted much of what we have today.

Is there any hope? Do we just accept the fact that the Constitution is irrelevant? There is no New World to which to emigrate.